Etizolam Vs Clonazepam to lower inhibition

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My Dr doesn't want to give me Etizolam she says it won't benefit me (fuck her) however I have Clonazepam in my house (parents). From the reading that I did I understand that they are kind of the same...should I go with Clonazepam then? Or try to insist on that proscription?

Anxietycells please advice.

pikachu wrote:people don't give a fuck about you neither will they ever help you, you are freaking out about stuff that doesn't exist, grow up

Some posters here use Etizolam, I'll wait for them to reply..stop being so negative.
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Reason: encouraging suicide

KillMeNow wrote:Never used Clonazepam.

Etizolam is preferable to other benzos because it has a short half-life. If you take it in the morning it's out of your system by evening. So it's easier to regulate dosage and make sure you're not taking too much to get addicted (if you stick to alternate days and no more than 3x a week you're good).

In terms of effect they're probably very similar. Although I've also heard that etizolam has a slight euphoria boost compared to the others. I've only ever taken etizolam so I can't really compare personally though.

Thanks bro.

I must suggest you to take Etizolam pill; which is best medicine to treat anxiety and depression. Etizolam pill is assist as the perfect medication for the insomnia treatment which can also be used to treat distinctive sicknesses like tension, discouragement, fits of anxiety and sleep issue.

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