Read this before approaching

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There are certain things that you need to consider before approaching. If you don't have a social circle, you will need to cold approach, that much is true. But there are certain things that will make cold approaching meaningless. If you possess any of the following traits, you will have no choice but to be forever alone, and that leaves you with only two choices. 1) prostitutes/escorts, 2) Going ER/suicide.

-Disfigured physically (sub 4). The physically disfigured aren't designed to meet members of the opposite sex, and no one is gonna expect you to have a love or sex life if you are sub 4.
-Autistic or retarded (mentally handicapped). I'm not talking about aspies here, I'm talking about legit Autistics who have limited speech and limited vocabulary. Same with retards. You were not designed to be around people at all and no one expects you to. So don't even try.
-Physically handicapped. If you are in a wheelchair or in crutches, you aren't expected to have lovers either.
-Abusive past, or any other form of emotional baggage. This is the hardest to deal with. If you have emotional baggage, no one will want to associate with it. My advice to those who have emotional baggage is to stay NEET as long as you can, and plan a suicide that will mean something. For those who have emotional baggage, suicide is pretty much the only option as you will be FA until you die.

If you don't have any of these traits, nothing is stopping you from cold approaching.
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