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OK, I actually did not intend to comment on this, because it was kind of educational. But there were some things that actually started to make me rage without there being any reason for it.

jagrmeister wrote:Heck, even the government of China looks down on [women riding the Carousal Riders]
The Chinese government was not talking about women with an active sex life. It was actually talking about unmarried women over the age of 27 ("leftover women") in general. *lol*

modelolz wrote:if anything this experience has reinforced tenfold why a man should never get married.
Here he talks about a sexual experience with a mother of three children, and then concludes he should never get married. I don't know about marriage in general, but why exactly did he come to the conclusion because of this experience? It sounds like he is blaming the woman for letting him fuck her.

Valentina wrote:I see where you are coming from and it would make Mr. Perfect feel shitty. He would probably be mad at me. But he would get over it because eventually he would get the chance to sleep with me too.
OK, she does seem to think a little bit too highly of herself. *lol*

Excellent read. Realize how pathetic we are to struggle so hard just to get to pump and dump those whores. But being a mgtow is just as ridiculous.

HOLY SHIT this is legit as fuck. I remember some of these posts from Puahate actually. So legit. Hypergamy has no bounds and they want to fuck alphas and then marry a beta. I caught so much shit when I mentioned this to a couple girls online, but its the damn truth and they know it. That's why they're so insecure. If you get into a relationship, enjoy it while it lasts, but remember that she'll be hypergamous and could be gone in an instant.

admin wrote:
We missed the boat, there is only one life and we missed the boat.

Listen up idiots: There are young slacker male model guys playing video games, scate boarding on the weekends, smoking weed, going to high school/university and while doing this fucking prime teen pussy every day. These girls are into these guys, begging the guys to fuck them.

Yet you IDIOTS are going to the gym like it will make a difference, going to work and sucking your boss's cock like it will make a difference, investing all of your money into loans and mortgages, and some even more pathetic getting into PUA. But what for? Some fat used up 30+ year old thats looking for a sucker?

If you really want to know if your a winner or loser ask your self this question:
"Did you fuck hot teens or girls below 22 with out paying for it"?

If you answered no then you never truly lived life and your a loser, just another deluded worker bee doing his shit job so the top 20% of men and women can actually live life while your just another cog in the system

Visit the g-man

The ultimate salt in the wound is that as a beta or incel, you work and study hard at high school, then uni and then in your early years of your career.
You are set up financially at 30+ and thus more 'attractive' to women, but the only women you can attract are used up late 20's or early 30's sluts who IGNORED you in your youth and treated you like shit while they fucked those skater bois with no condoms.

While you were a slave for 10-15 years those guys fucked hard and partied hard, not trying at school or at their job, not wasting time and money at useless uni.
They lived life, while you were a slave, a sexless robot to some fat cat corporate scum bag that counted give a fuck about you.
They probably still got pretty good jobs thanks to their looks or status, with out trying hard at school

In the end you will marry your over priced trophy wife or expensive prostitute, but she will cheat on you and divorce you and take everything from you.
You will be left with nothing, so in hindsight all that hard work in your youth was for naught

Your wife would have left you for those skater bois who are now alpha blue collar factory workers

Choke on it incels, embrace your fate


Actually, I think it is kind of a relief to know that one can give up. I was kind of unsure when I came to that conclusion a few months ago before I knew that there were sites like PUAHate. Before that I thought I would be the only person in the world who thought like that...

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