Meds to lower inhibition/social anxiety....

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Can someone recommend anything over the counter that would have this effect....

Xanax. Take too much of it and you'll do something stupid and possibly life threatening without thinking twice about it though.

Probably no help, but in the past I was briefly on sleeping meds and took Zopiclone. I remember that they completely took away inhibition before sending me to sleep. The hour or so before drifting off was great!

Not over the counter in the sense of being available at a local store, but you could try etizolam. It is unscheduled pretty much everywhere, as far as I know.
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Alphameso wrote:Can someone recommend anything over the counter that would have this effect....

I tried Xanax for 10 days and it made me feel insane, like I had no inhibitions. That is NOT a good way to live. We have inhibitions to protect us.

And then the withdrawl symptoms. If you take Xanax for months and then suddenly stop, you can actually have a heart attack. The withdrawl symptoms of Xanax make heroin withdrawl look like kid's plays.

Just do yoga or meditation, don't fuck with drugs, man.

Alcohol,its cheap and widely accessible.And it also works.

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