How often should i take mdma?

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I have tried it twice now , how often should i take it without it fucking my head up
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Once a week or once every other week if you go to a rave, concert, house party, club, bar, etc

howdidiwinduphere1 wrote:Once a week or once every other week if you go to a rave, concert, house party, club, bar, etc

I assume you take it ? Does it fuck you up permanently do you think?

Not very often honestly. You really need to read a lot about MDMA to know how to minimize the risk of harm. The research regarding the dangers of MDMA is very inconclusive, studies point all over the place. It is very possibly neurotoxic, though this is contested. It's also worth noting that the government has multiple times blatantly falsified research on MDMA indicating that it is very dangerous, but all of these papers have been retracted after real scientists disputed them, in many cases blatant academic fraud has been carried out by the government scientists.

The government doesn't want us to know if MDMA can be safe or not. You should space out your uses at least by several weeks for the optimal safety and don't mix it with any amphetamines or stimulants or various other drugs. Some really smart people take drugs that are theoretically neuroprotective prior to taking MDMA in order to counteract the potential neurotoxicity, I don't know much about this and have never done it personally (I wish I had honestly), but you can find info on it.

Also read about preloading with 5-htp and such, but 5-htp alone is nothing compared to some of the lengths people go to in order to try to protect themselves and minimize the risks. MDMA can probably be used safely, but it is one of the drugs you REALLY ought to research a lot before you take it much because using it truly as safely as possible requires a lot of work and knowledge.

Also I highly suggest not using tablet MDMA, only use powder/crystal, and buy a reagent kit so you can test it and confirm it isn't not MDMA. Ecstasy tablets are very commonly not MDMA, and it is fairly common for people to have horrible experiences or even die if they get a batch of some random shit some dumbfuck is passing off as MDMA.

thereturnofabulldog wrote:
howdidiwinduphere1 wrote:Once a week or once every other week if you go to a rave, concert, house party, club, bar, etc

I assume you take it ? Does it fuck you up permanently do you think?

Only a handful of times. I had some of the best times of my life on it. The day after I feel like shit though cause there's a dropoff.
Longterm, probably not. It's probably like any other drug. If you take it too much, it'll fuck you up but in moderation it's fine.

many drugs you can keep taking even pretty heavily before anything bad starts to happen. If you split drugs up into different categories it would be something like this:

Really Soft Drugs -> LSD, Mescaline, Mushrooms
Soft Drugs -> Marijuana, 2c-b
Firm Drugs -> Ketamine, Nitrous, MDMA
Hard Drugs -> Meth, Heroin, Cocaine

Really soft drugs = use away you are never going to have significant problems from these unless you have like a family history of mental illness or something, or a bad trip triggers some mental problems, which happens really rarely and possibly not at all if you are smart about how you use them.

Soft Drugs = Use away but they can become kind of habit forming in a significant number of people, could impair your ability to function a bit if you use them frequently (whereas really soft drugs you are very unlikely to use them that frequently), could have problems from it depending on how you use it, but typically really safe and you can go hard with it

firm drugs = Not going to cause problems if you use them in an intelligent fashion, some people get very carried away and probably get permanent brain damage to various extents from doing so, can cause organ damage and other health problems as well, require more work to use safely, can be very habit forming but not as powerfully addictive as hard drugs (more of an immediate desire to redose than a typical long term addiction, in the drug scene we call drugs like this "moreish" rather than "addictive"), probably most people keep their use in moderation, the risk of health problems increases significantly depending on how much you use, starting from pretty low and ending up at pretty high, can kill you but pretty unlikely to do so even with true abuse

Hard Drugs = Cause problems in a significant set of the population that uses them, but not all users have serious problems, highly addictive to some people and addictive to most people but some can keep their use under control, kind of playing with fire to try these drugs, I managed to and I am fine but have seen them all ruin various people, inherently negative to your health both to a moderate degree in the short term and really very much so in the long term in many cases, the most likely to kill you or cause you to turn into a scumfuck criminal, etc.

That's just a rough classification system anyway, more research needs to be done on individual drugs before we can properly classify them, but my point is that MDMA is often seen as a really soft drug, but in reality it is trending more toward a hard drug in a lot of ways.

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