Should I buy creatine?

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pikachu wrote:only bloats me with water, once I stop using it my muscles deflate just like with whey

I just read a confirmation it holds water in your tissues. Seems like -s outweigh the +s so bye bye creatine

It works for some
Doesn't work for others

Cretein is mostly used for the strength increase which leads to more muscle growth. Not for direct muscle growth. And whey doesn't inflate muscles just lol.

Like others said, might give you a strength boost and make you hold more water giving the illusion you got bigger, but as soon as you stop the creatine all the benefits will go away.

It may be legit but it tastes like pure shit, worst thing ever, it's like eating chalk.

Nothing but a fitness scam. Complete waste of money. And don't look at "studies". They were all made by companies that sell the crap. If you wanna get big and don't have the genetics for it, only steroids will help you.
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