Why I want to rape a woman:

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

I used to be a decent human being but now hate women. Explaining why would take 10,000 words so I’ll shorten it.

1. social stigma of being sexless:

-friends have called me gay for not being able to attain a girl
-people have joked that I’d die lonely for not being able to attract a girl
-males calling you weird since girls get creeped out by your appearance
-guys telling me not to approach women when I take action

2. Women are incredible time wasters online:

-I’m always matching women who are 90km away. They usually look really hot and engage in conversation. As soon as I ask to meet she’s like “sorry, I live up in the hill in 5900 block but you can add my Snapchat teehee”
-women stop responding as soon as I text “wana meet for coffee sometime”. Even if the conversation was going good. I have 4 dating apps running at once with many matches yet I cannot find even a chubby girl who wants to meet up. I’m on OKC, Tinder, Badoo, and Bumble.
-women are always busy busy busy. “I can’t meet I’m going off to the island” “I work every day” “I have class after work sorry. Maybe next week teehee”
-The ones who “need to get to know you more”
-“sure we can meet, but I want to add your Instagram first :)” Adds Instagram and realizes I’m trying to fake some stuff and stops responding. Every guy is faking on tinder because girls are all stuck up whores.
-“you need 150 credits to talk to her”

3. Daygame is useless

-I have done 5,000 approaches [This is a fact]
-girls are always “too busy to talk and have to go”
-girls who “don’t go out with strangers”
-some text you but ghost when I ask to meet
-they always walk away when trying to talk
-the infamous “I have a boyfriend”
-most women are in headphones or walk fast unless they are extremely fobby/ugly asians or old and have kids
-approachable looking women are never alone. I’ve walked around wasting 5 hours to find 1 approachable set
-“I don’t have a phone number OR MY PHONE IS BROKEN” ok this one makes me LOL

4. Nightgame is useless

This has been explained to death. But in a nutshell it’s a sausage fest, women are always with guys, cover charges, coat checks, expensive taxis the list goes on... all to masturbate at 3 am

5. Trying to find a prostitute [CanadianIncel]

-All of them are fake and have the same ads listed everywhere on leolist
-fake numbers who ask for a payment over the phone [its obvious they are a Russian or Pakistani catfishing scammer]
-no legitimate escort sites left
-backpage no longer working

I just want to chase an intoxicated hoe down at night and rip her clothes off. Fuck this additude all women give and the cucks who join in

You're brown and as such I am biased against you. But I would hardly feel anything if you raped a white club whore. Those women probably fuck shitskins on their own. One more wouldn't make a difference.

1. Don't tell people about being a virgin
2. Online dating sites are 70% male 30% female, you can't get laid online if you are ugly
3.No such thing as game. Attractive men don't have to approach women
4. The same, LMS is what matters, if you are ugly max your money
5. Prostitution exists everywhere don't be a moron. A decent % of massage parlors in your country probably offer happy ending.
In worst case scenario you are rich enough to go to some 2nd world Asian shithole and buy a 50$ suki suki whore

Scamming a sugarbaby counts for you? Because it is not so difficult and less troublesome legally speaking

ErnestRawls wrote:Scamming a sugarbaby counts for you? Because it is not so difficult and less troublesome legally speaking

Bad idea. You don't want to anger a woman right after you had sex with her. It's very likely that a sugarbaby will consider that a rape and file a false police report against you. Also remember that women have beta white knights who will hurt men for them. Even if police finds you not guilty one day when walking on the street a guy will sucker punch you or smash your car when you are away.

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