Why people hate us

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

We live in an age devoid of freedom. Men especially, are stripped off their manhood and forced to submit like the slaves in ancient times. They have no right to carry weapons, voice opinions or to defend themselves. And here we are, a caste below them on a social hierarchy, the people who should submit even more and accept our role as bottom feeders.

But we are not. We are rebelling against society and even if most of the complaining is online it's still more than those cucks do. They can't complain because it would be admitting that they are being screwed over too just like 80% of the men are. If we are below them and want our living conditions to be as good or better than theirs then a great injustice is being committed against them too.

We exist and we keep spreading unhappy truths in a world filled with coping and fake happiness often fueled by prescription drugs.

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