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A few years ago I spent a few days with a woman who was in my country visiting her rich older boyfriend. He was a 3-4/10 guy with a passable but balding hairline and 12 years older than her. She was from a poorer country and he was in the top 5% of men by wealth because his parents were loaded. Besides being a young woman her looks really weren't much and I would rate her 4/10.

At the time I had an average face and a well built body, I was four years younger than her and had a full head of hair. The first thing I noticed was how friendly she was with all the hugging and smiling. I didn't think much of it until things got awkward when she complimented my looks and told me that I "must be popular with girls". She would often look at me and had a very lonely look in her eyes while doing so.

Now years later I understand what was really going on. She was gold digging in a foreign country and was under the watchful eye of her controlling beta bux boyfriend. At the time she had no other male contact in 3 months apart from his close friends who she was afraid to hit on. I was the only 3rd party and while being a financial nobody I was still much younger and a fair bit better looking than her bf. She wanted to get fucked by me and every other guy that looked better than the poor sod. He might be having regular sex but sooner or later once she settles in and he slips up she will cuck him if she already didn't do so.

thats what happens when u pick up trash from lower classes and hope u can live a life with them

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