the Sino-Albanian split and global capitalist hegemony

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Hoxha, while good, I feel his complete disavowal of Mao was perhaps a bit much. Hoxha considered him to be a revisionist, especially because of Mao's "Three Worlds Theory" which is rightfully rejected even now by most. Mao of course wasn't right about everything. He had a rightward turn in his later years, where he even opened relations with Nixon and the western world, but I believe he deserves respect nonetheless, as under Mao China did make great progress.
The Sino-Albanian split was overall unnecessary and hurt the global communist movement. It's this kind of stuff, this kind of conflict between socialist countries/leaders that's led us to the current times, where US capitalist hegemony unfortunately goes unchecked all across the globe. The Sino-Soviet split, as well as the dissolving of the USSR, are easily the events which weakened the global communist movement the most within the 20th century. China had valid critiques of the USSR, as the USSR did after all turn revisionist after Stalin passed away and the Khrushchevite clique took over. Still, the fact remains, that while anti-revisionism is good, revisionist socialism is still infinitely better for the people than capitalism. It would have been better if China and the USSR had set their differences aside, and jointly supported revolutions around the world. If that had happened, it's a guarantee that socialism would now be in a much stronger position globally, with more socialist countries in Latin America as well as the old world.

Instead, after the split, there was actually some Maoists who supported the US-backed Afghan mujahideen terrorists in their counter-revolution against the Soviet-backed People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA), which was a very much progressive government worth defending. Not only this, Maoists also supported the UNITA. It's a result of this view that capitalism was all of a sudden fully restored in the Soviet Union, and that the Soviet Union became "social imperialist". This view that is simply ultra-left and devoid of substance.

Even under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, the USSR still supported revolutions/socialism globally. Just off the top of my head, the revisionist-era USSR armed the Viet Cong, supported Cuba, supported North Korea, supported the progressive PDPA Afghan government, supported the MPLA, and also supported Chile under Allende. Aiding revolutions and supporting socialist countries is not by any means "social imperialism", it's a useless term.
Still, China literally wound up backing the UNITA, the Khmer Rogue, and maintaining diplomatic relations with Pinochet's Chile, in their fight against the Soviet Union. The reality is that China simply took their anti-Soviet stance too far, and in action ended up aiding the western imperialists and reactionaries. China believed "social imperialism" to be a bigger enemy to the downtrodden masses of the world than capitalism, which is simply nonsense. The foreign policy of China went completely down the gutter after the Sino-Soviet split. They lost their senses, making a bad situation even worse, and the world is now worse off for it.

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