Crime: 7 of US states where "sexual assault" never expires

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That means that in 7 of US states some cunt can just cry rape 20 30 40 years later and ruins a mans life. As if 10 years isn't already way too much time for an adult person to report. In 10 years some mentally ill whore you banged once can change her mind and start claiming that sex was not consensual.

And here are tips on how to prove "rape" without any physical evidence: ... -evidence/

There can’t always be forensic evidence to work with, but police can still prove sexual assault occurred or didn’t occur with little to no initial evidence, even in cases where there are no witnesses. Here are nine tips:

1.Practice interview techniques such as victim debriefing and adapt an “information gathering” versus interrogation approach to suspect interviews to gather information. Understand physical descriptions (e.g. tattoos), smells and sounds the alleged victim remembers. Here’s more facts and myths on sexual assault that police should know.

2.Document the specific details of the allegations down to condom use.

3.Gather circumstantial evidence during the investigation, such as a sudden behavior change from the alleged victim. Look for dropped classes, withdrawal from sports or social clubs and a sudden change in academic performance.

4.Try to establish elements of force, threat or fear if present from either party.

5.Look for a serial pattern of behavior from the accused by contacting others who may have been victimized by that person, while being careful not to marginalize the accused.

6. Conduct an extensive investigation for corroborating evidence including social media and cell phones.

7.Evaluate the need for a search warrant.

8.Consider the utility of a pretext phone call to gather evidence from the accused.

9.Identify and contact any outcry witness.

Basically if the cunt knows about something about your nude body, knows how to manipulate judges or has enough girlfriends to call you a creep, you are shit out of luck.

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