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What steps do you boys take to ensure some level of privacy online? I use TOR and I have used a secure TOR based mail service to register on here. That's one of the reasons why I prefer this forum over which requires an insecure mail that needs a phone number to be created.


Here are two secure mail services. Be smart use tor. Even when using tor never discuss criminal activity online.

in Chrome there is a new incognito mode, just go to prefs and select a new incognito tab
for most of the stupid shit that we do online is enough and is 10x faster than Tor

a new gmail account yet do not require phone number, it will ask you later to set a phone number for if you lost your password, but of course you don't set anything

there is no way to surf the web totally anonymous unless you always connect to internet using in a remote connection away from your home, ie a wifi connection in a mall / a cybercafe
that is the way the Islamic state used to spread propaganda/upload videos, etc.
otherwise they are always capable to trace you/found you

i dont use tor i dont use vpn i dont use shit
im not scared lol

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