OMG its so fucking over, there is no fucking hope this time

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jesus fuck

im chilling in the university bathroom(disabled bathroom, so no one can bother my peace), i decided to take a look at my physique in the mirror


my proportions is that of a legit midget, all this time i thought i had long legs, but i was too busy living in lala land to comprehend reality, and on top of that, my torso is legit shaped like a pudgy fridge, and i fucking thought i had a vtaper, fucking lol.

then i decided to take this cringe train to the next level, i took a picture...


things managed to get even worse, i am literally shoveling blackpill heaps into my mouth right about now, my proportion is even worse off, my shoulders which looked KINDA capped/pointy in the mirror, now looks slopped and overpowered by my arms, i look like fucking Popeyes, and angularity i thought i saw is completely gone, just like that "POOF" and i went down 4 points in aesthetics, then im like holy fuck can this get any worse?


i swear the devil is watching over me, every one of my jinxes become reality, and with every curse i utter, i am swirled into even deeper depth of hell. I decided to set my iphone down, and record myself.

i cant do this anymore for fucks sake, my shoulders are now completely rounded and sloped (i mean wtf, in the mirror i have LINEAR STRAIGHT clavicles), wide hips, no definition whatsoever, then the face, omfg the face, holy shit at this point i am seriously considering jumping off of the tallest building in my campus, absolute tragic eye area, no jaw line, recessed mandible, huge parrot beak, non existent chin, and pudgy face to seal my fate.

in utter disbelief right now, this just isnt real life, please let me wake up, holy shit i really cant take this anymore
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

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