Woman falsely accuses man of being a rapist

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She goes on a smear campaign against him and then refuses to apologize after being proven wrong.
People demand an apology and shame her for her actions so she pulls the "I am going to kill myself" card
and suddenly everyone else is a bad person who is pushing her to suicide.

Fuck this faggot society. Women get away with destroying lives, fucking underage boys, hitting men, raping and even killing men.


i don't get the post my dumb negro
it looks like a stupid meme to me my nigga
and to hell if she wants to kill herself, i 100% support her decision
because we need less useless lives on this earth
also you're taking things way out of context
as if stupid women have the physique to hit and be hit back
some of them lack the brain to realize that but it's a legitimate defense if they hit first
the court is not stupid my dumb negro, they know that women are stupid cunts
it's not the first time they deal with false rape charges my dumb negro
we are not in prehistoric times anymore my dumb negro
accusations are not enough anymore to get you in jail my dumb negro
there is a thing called evidence my dumb negro
innocent until proven guilty is a real thing my dumb negro
educate yourself my dumb negro

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