Chad kisses a dozen women in one night

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Just learned from chad that he had made-out with over a dozen girls in one night at the age of 15 and then banged one of them in the club's bathroom. I knew that people were getting laid young and that stuff happened at parties which I wasn't invited to but I didn't know that women were such degenerate sluts so early on. Now all the "go get a hooker" talk from people makes sense to me. They have subconsciously decided that a man who couldn't get laid during humanity's peak degeneracy has to pay for sex in one way or another(beta providing).

Either way I have pretty much decided to die a virgin anyways unless I attempt to reproduce.

mvp wrote:i mean, how is that fair?

The worst part about it that the guy is several years younger than me and fucks more women in one week that I will in my entire life even if I try really hard.

its not difficult to score if u lower ur standards lol
"inceldom" is standardceldom

tyron wrote:its not difficult to score if u lower ur standards lol
"inceldom" is standardceldom

I am an average looking man and when I was still going out there was this rude very obese tattooed red haired woman. Not only did she get laid but she had a few year older wealthy foreign boyfriend who provided for her. Men always date down.

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