Anthony joshua fight wasnt rigged at all guys

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u can never keep on winning in heavyweight bruh

like you can defeat BBC just like that
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

such Anthony joshua is a giant bbc+ perfect body for boxing
i wonder how this ghetto white trashy mexican guy managed to win that fight

Icecutter101 wrote:British boxers are trash, have been for a while

Well Anthony is not British despite being born in Britain. He is not even an ethnic European so he does not represent any European country's boxing. The concept of countries is stupid nowadays with all the blacks, arabs and other browns claiming nationality of some European country.

Boxing is trash anyways. If people want to see blood and physical violence then we should bring back dueling with swords or at least wooden sticks. That will be more interesting as it will be a more skill based sport.

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