what's radicalized me into a Communist

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acknowledgement of the fact that capitalism's outlived its usefulness, and is to communism what feudalism is to capitalism. liberalism is the ideology of the ruling class and kills millions every year through starvation/lack of clean water/lack of healthcare/war among other things simply because these people committed the crime of being born poor.

the fact that the USA (home of capitalism) is easily the most evil empire in history, causing misery and death in countries such as Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea along with many others, thereby being responsible for more death and destruction than any other country. It's also been made clear the USA is definitely not planning to put an end to its bloodlust anytime soon either.

acknowledgement of the fact that liberal democracy is nothing more than oligarchy, with the USA for example being a one party state ruled by the business party.

the act of observing and experiencing how absolutely miserable capitalist society is for those who aren't wealthy (aka the majority of the world, and especially those not in western/imperialist countries).

the act of observing how capitalism is an inherently exploitative system which serves to concentrate wealth and power into the hands of a few at the expense of the many who are forced into wage slavery. +the fact that if a working class person's even more unlucky they'll become part of the army of the unemployed (capitalism necessitates unemployment), which will often result in a person struggling to just survive, because in capitalism food/homes aren't produced/distributed to satisfy human need, but solely to line the pockets of capitalists. the interests of the working class and the interests of the ruling class are directly opposed to each other.

knowing that communism provides a higher quality of life than capitalism does at equal levels of economic development https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl ... 9-0055.pdf

learning that contrary to popular belief, communism had immense success in the 20th century, vastly improving the lives of hundreds of millions and legitimately striking fear into the hearts of the western elite/rich (and in doing so motivating the western elite to create absolutely ridiculous amounts of anti-communist propaganda, and to make an enemy of any country which chooses communism). also learning that many communist leaders/icons of the 20th century weren't evil and were the ones actually on the side of the people.

refusing to allow myself to be indoctrinated and fooled into believing the western lies/red scare McCarythist propaganda that tells you "communism bad". Or in other words not allowing myself to be like every other braindead moron who uncritically takes everything they're told about communism in liberal educational institutions as fact.

coming to the conclusion that communism will set everyone free and communism is the way forward. No war but class war

You think you are independent,but you're just the pawn played by big players in a game of life.Black or white(communist or capitalist)its almost the same.

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