Anti-communism is based on lies and fabrications

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It's all liberals/liberal media does.
Tell lies on top of lies on top of lies when the topic is concerning communism.

*Holodomor is literally Nazi propaganda straight out the filthy mouth of Goebbels.

*The term "totalitarian" is a meaningless buzzword created by right-wingers during the cold war to falsely and baselessly compare the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany. This term puts the USA on the throne of "enlightened centrism" by putting together the far left and the far right in this ridiculous horseshoe theory.

*The term "authoritarian" is also a meaningless buzzword. All forms of state are authoritarian, the state is a tool of oppression. In capitalism it's the working class who is repressed. In socialism it's the capitalist class who's repressed.

*Stalin never killed a billion people, neither did Mao. Neither of them were capable of controlling the weather. Stalin didn't eat all the grain or drink the clouds. While there's well documented evidence the holocaust happened and population statistics show it did, there's nothing of the sort when it comes to the liberal narrative of Stalin being someone who killed 100 billion people. Practically all the stuff you'll hear slandering Stalin's good name is stuff that came from Khrushchev's lie-ridden "Secret Speech" (Look up "Khrushchev Lied" by Grover Furr), or the Cold War propagandists Robert Conquest and McCarthy if it's not simply made up on the spot.

*Stalin wasn't a dictator. He was seen as the disciple of Lenin and was elected by the people, and he didn't even have absolute power. There were many times in politics where things didn't go his way, one example being in the 1930s when he wanted to appoint Melankov as head of the NKVD, but the Presidisium outvoted him and appointed Beria instead. He also attempted to resign from his position 4 times but was denied by the other CCCP members every single attempt.

*Gulags weren't these death sentence concentration camps. They were simple prisons which existed under Tsarist rule (and they had much worse conditions before the USSR came about), where workers were paid for their labor+had days taken off their sentence if they worked well. The number of inmates is grossly exaggerated by Wester media, the vast majority of inmates were actual criminals, and the vast majority didn't die in the gulags. Modern US prisons are the ones which hold 25% of the worlds prison population, and do have slave labor and the legal torture that is solitary confinement (+what goes on in Guantanamo). It's only because of propaganda and brainwashing that US prisons aren't called labor camps.

*The Soviet Union wasn't constantly having famines. They had two, or three if you count the one caused by the civil war+WW1 in the early 1920s. The famine of 1932 was caused by bad weather and kulaks killing livestock/burning grain/sabotaging farm equipment to resist collectivization. The famine of 1947 was caused by the destruction of World War 2 (the Soviet Union suffered the most casualties and was hit harder than any other country by this war). CIA documents show that the Soviet people actually had a diet even more nutritious than the that of US citizens. Source: ... 0009-5.pdf

*In socialism, people are not all paid the same. They're paid according to the quantity and quality of their work. Socialists however do believe that all workers deserve a livable wage.

*Communists don't want a state that owns everything. They want to abolish the state.

I'm sure I can think of more later, but I'm tired right now. I'll leave it with this quote by Enver Hoxha:
No library could hold all the books, magazines, newspapers and other publications which attack Marxism-Leninism, no one can calculate or even imagine the quantity and extent of the anti-communist propaganda of imperialism.

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