Let's be honest, Zyzz was ugly (no hate)

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No hate to the dude (rip) but I am just being honest as much as I hate to say it. This thread is mainly for a lot of us thinking that a good body will compensate for face. The saying why lift when it's all about the face is the absolute truth not matter how hard it may it be to accept and no amount of body is ever gonna change that.

As a huge zyzz fan for his body/personality/trolling, the only thing he lacked was facial aesthetics. But that is something we can't control. Props to the guy for doing the best he could do with what he was given so that's why he gives hope to losers.

He had an Indian looking face and being brown, big hooked nose, droopy bug eyes, narrow palate etc

His body is clearly good but he was below average facially and he still did a lot of facial surgeries and still didn't look good

No one ever talks or cares about his face
He's known for his body women only care about the face they dont give a fuck if you have muscles. what is zyzz fanbase? loser currycels not a bunch of hot girls.

All the pics zyzz took with girls, the girls are all ugly so I doubt he even got/banged decent looking girls. most pics are shirtless with girls (just body doing work), if zyzz was in clothes most wouldn't even want to be near him. find me a pic of zyzz with a hot girl where she isn't there with him for his body/status but because she likes his face or just find me a pic of zyzz with a HOT girl.

I am pretty sure zyzz origin is also from India, his ancestors may have migrated to kurd and the kurdish thing is just cope for fans to cope that indians can't have aesthetic body, that one of the goats bod could be an indians.

Once again no hate, im one of his biggest fan and he's been an inspiration but I am just being honest as much as I would not like to say it.

there are pics zyzz looks good cuz make up/lighting where his face is like 9/10 but it's because of make up lighting etc etc but this is what he really looked like without any enhancements. so if u post those to justify a good face it doesn't count.

add more if u have.

pics of his real face, someone emb please


I have seen pics of him from his high school days, he always had facial aesthetics and good jaw structure.

If I’m not mistaken, he enhanced his facial aesthetics but not as drastic as you seem to think.

If you're saying your dead buddy was fugly, I can only guess how fucking stupid and retarded and incredibly ugly you look. You probably have a googley eye, it's playing its own game all out of place from the other eye. And then there's your browneye.

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Ya he was like I don’t know why people find him hawt his face could never make me wet

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