mogged to oblivion on a woman

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had to sit behind a stacy today on the public transport, was analyzing her face the entire trip

Her face was graced by god himself, i swear i never seen such gracile and noble looking face before, is literally out of the league of every chad i saw in my life. her facial structure was so well formed, bones are very strong yet very VERY feminine, it was almost entirely in forward growth, forward cheekbones look insane in motion, they frame the face so well that when i saw my reflection vs hers i almost jumped out off the bus onto the oncoming traffic.

Never been mogged this much before, I've seen 6'6+ chads that look like a nordic god with neck thick as a tree trunk, to private school stacies hotter than A list celebrities, but their face, the minute details, the little imperfections, unbeknownst to the untrained eye, but my eyes sees all, all of heaven and earth could not escape my sight, and yet for the first time ever since seeing my own divine image, i am left in awe at someone else, a mortal at that...

i analysed her face, from her cheekbone projection to her maxilla protrusion, from her mid face to her mandible, all very well defined, but yet i stress, very very feminine...

i try to find flaws, for in this heaven and earth no one but I can embody of perfection, as there can only be a single summit on an mountain, a single sun that lights the earth, her existences disqualifies my own, but yet the more i try the more i agonize, for with even these divine eyes that can comprehend the stars, i for the first time....
cannot see....
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

You should've approached her. Imagine the divine beauty of the children that would have resulted from the intermingling of her blood and yours. The pairing of Venus and Adonis.

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