My experience with an Asian massage parlor

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The Wall happens at different ages for different men, but for me it happened this year - at 26. When I was 24 I looked ok still, and I think maybe I could have gotten a young gf if I had more friends/connections. But last year looks have declined a lot: I got more wrinkles, eyebags (which look even more horrible on me since I have bad cheekbones), nasolabial and aggressive hairloss/norwood has made my appearance maximally repulsive to women. I looked at my subhuman face in the mirror one last time and decided "It's permanently over for me - there is no way a foid will ever want me". I couldn't just sit on my ass and hope things would get better - I had to do something about this. I had to take action.

I read on the internet that "Asian Massage Parlors" often give "Happy Endings" so I researched Asian massage parlors in my area and went to one in NYC's Chinatown. The poster for the place looked legit, with a picture of a man and woman getting a wholesome massage, claiming to be a "relaxation and foot spa". I was expecting it to be a place where they give you a massage and then maybe if you insiste they will jerk you off, but no - once I opened the door I realized the place was a full-fledged BROTHEL. A smoking hot Asian foid with huge natural juggs wearing a low cut dress opened the door and greeted me. She put her arm around me and took me to a room, she was so warm and friendly, and despite her hot appearance she did not act sleazy at all, but had a very nice and warm attitude. I asked her how much and she said "$40 plus tip". I gave her $40 and she said "Do you want this...? (and then she made hand signals indicating sex)". I said "No, I just want ... (jacking off hand signal)", and then she said "Ok that will be $80 tip", and I handed her another $80. She asked me to take off my clothes and then I took off my pants and asked her "Everything?", she said yes, so I took everything off. Then she took my money and went into the back. I was thinking to myself "Oh shit, she's going to go away and some grandma is going to come in the room and jerk me off - I knew this was too good to be true." Then I started thinking "what if this is a sting operation and the police are going to come in?". But to my relief, the same attractive foid with big natural boobs came back in the room.

She started jerking me off. I'm someone who has a very high sex drive, and find it very easy to get aroused when watching porn. Even when I bump into a foid on the street I sometimes get an erection. But during all this I found it more difficult to get erect, probably because I was so nervous. But I was able to at least maintain a 3/4 of an erection most of the time.

While she was jerking me off, she was clothed. She placed my hand on her cleavage. What surprised me was that breasts don't feel much different from any other part of a woman's body. When closing your eyes, putting your hands on a woman's breasts is almost indistinguishable from putting your hands between a woman's legs. But here's the thing: A woman's body feels different from a man's body so it feels very different from your own legs.

She kept trying to push me to have sex, for another $40. I think it would have definitely been worth it. Throughout the whole experience, I did feel the primal urge to grab her and just fuck her, but I was worried about catching herpes so I declined. Then she said "For another $20 I will suck you" and I said sure. She took off her bra and started giving me a blowjob. She used a condom and honestly it didn't feel very good. I was expecting a woman's mouth to feel soft but it actually felt bony and metallic. After a few minutes she wanted to stop sucking and said she would jerk some more. I was ok with it since I didn't like the BJ anyway. She jerked me for a few more minutes, as I played with her boobs, but I wasn't climaxing so she asked me if I wanted to jerk myself off. I said sure, because I do it better myself, but I asked her to to rub her boobs on my face while I do it. This was the best part. I loved the idea of having big breasts in my face, and also I could smell a little bit of her B.O. from her armpits which really turned me on for some reason. Smelling her was almost the best part.

Usually when I climax after watching porn I feel horrible, but after climaxing with the prostitute I felt amazing. I felt like a champ. For about 3 hours afterwards, I could not stop smiling. The happiness was so intense that at times I would randomly just start laughing. I felt as though I hacked the system. Sex was something unattainable for me for 26 years of my life, but today it was something attainable. Even though I didn't have PinV, it was just $20 away, and the fact that it is within my reach puts me at ease. It really is true what feminists say about rape, that "Rape is not about gratification - it's about power". I would imagine rape, and more broadly sex, it about assuring yourself that sex is within your reach, and the sexual gratification itself is secondary to this.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend the experience. Even though I got a really attractive and nice woman, and enjoyed it a lot, my time with the prostitute wasn't as arousing as I thought it would be. But in many ways the fact that the actual event wasn't as good as I was expected made it more worth it. I always thought "It would be heaven to lie naked with a woman and play with her breasts". Well today I did it and I know that even though it felt good, it wasn't the spectacular heaven I had imagined. If I spent months wooing a woman and that was the experience, I would feel like it was too much effort for a non-extraordinary feeling experience. You might say "A gf is better because prostitutes don't provide true love". My response to this is that neither do girlfriends in Western countries. Girl's don't love their boyfriend, feel zero attachment to them, and they are constantly trying to move up to a higher status male. This is why virtually all relationships in the West end up in breakups. I would like to have kids one day though, and that's unfortunately something a prostitute can't provide.

Another thing I felt was I felt really comfortable around foids, felt comfortable looking them in the eye, felt like I could touch them and it would be no big deal. I used to be intimidated by all fat foids, even obese bitchy looking ones, but after the experience with the prostitute I stopped feeling inferior to them - I felt like their bitchyness is irrational and will come back to bite them one day, and I felt like if a foid rejected me it would be no big deal.

The biggest downside is I felt a loss of innocence. I thought it would be ideal and wholesome if I lost my virginity to a foid wife on my wedding night. This is the part that makes me cry. But sadly the world is not ideal, and as a balding baggy-eyed 26yo with zero dating experience and zero interest from women, it seems like my wedding night is not going to happen. So I had to give up my innocence in order to keep my sanity.

I would recommend getting a foreign born prostitute at a brothel run by foreigners like I did. I got to do everything but sex with a friendly smoking hot Asian with big boobs for $140, and sex would have been just $20 more. A spoiled American brat prostitute would have cost me double that, and she would have been fat, unattractive, a bitchy attitude, and like an ego-inflated cunt she would have had a bunch of stupid rules ("can't do this, can't touch that").

Clarification: I did nothing illegal since they technically don't sell sex, you just "tip" them.

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There is absolutely NO GOOD reason why, in the 21st century, every person shouldn't have their basic needs met. That means food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for all and, yes, if you are a male, sexual access to attractive females as that is considered a basic need for men as well.
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