"Date" with Alexandra, a dumb Tinder Foxtrot Tango 20yo

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Get some "anti bitch defense system" cause it maybe useful on dates (especially if you meet a Foxtrot Tango aka Female Trash)

I tend to be sensitive and empatical person but some women treat it as weakness and you need to detect the whore before she mistreat you and ASAP slap the bitch value as hard as you can!!! Mind solidarity with other guys!

I met yestarday terrible dumb useless whore which makes me biggest cancer since ever.

The start of the date was terrible. She picked up phone in moment when she just came.

Then situation make worse. Probably her first text her to me:

"You are looking so fraught. Stop fraughting child"


Next she started complained that i'm talking too slow...


I tried to be kind as always and understand her. But she behaved as nothing could impress her and treated me as too curious stranger. Very interesting attitute as for person which have (probably) interpersonal skills equal to subzero.

The final was even more disgusting.

Someone called and she told that "she need to remove her friends ex boyfriend from her flat , which he rented"

Then she came out, paid just for her part of bill ( despite of fucking my evening) and disappeared out of sight when i paid my bill, deleting me from Tinder!!

I catched big frustration and anger, because i didn't realised the deal in time. Next time such bitch will face such reaction immediately after first text:

"Ok i'm fraught. Now get up. Now get your jacket. And GET THE FUCK OUT FROM MY FACE you useless ugly intact WHORE!"

Remember, Foxtrot Tangos are not human !!! They do not deserve to be treated like one! When encountered only real choice is YOU or IT. Always do right choice!!!
Don't bother hang up with stronger and wiser than you. Coward will betray you in first possibility.

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Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

didn't read this thread 1 month ago, anyways I will post some comment about this

what op is relating is the classic date with a whore/trash slut online
he had the intuition that she is a female trash however he went to the date

you have to be patient ,you do not have to go to meet any slut online, despite you have a few matches
try to intui if she fits with you /if she is a good person before the date
those things are noticed if you talk on the phone or have a chat contact long enough

if she don't fit: don't set a date,be selective
you're going to save time and money and frustrations after she delete you from all social media

ie1: you despise single mothers however you want a date because you want to fuck her
ie2: you despise tatooed sluts however you will met her because you want to fuck her
ie3: she belongs to different social class which don't fit with you however you want a date ecause you want to fuck her
ie4: she have different though about politics, religion, abortion, etc however you want a date because you want to fuck her
ie5: she is from a different race/ethnic group > obvious she will not fit with you,(only in the movies interracial couples work)

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