The fall of the Soviet Union was a tragedy

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The wrong side lost the cold war. If only it was the USA that fell instead.. because even if the USSR became more revisionist after Stalin's death, it was still infinitely better than this country.

(ignore that Trotsky is in this vid btw)

what tragedy?
that's was good for the evolution of the specie
they oppressed their country for a lot of years living the easy life at the expense of the workers
thanks god all those primitive commnunist retards are dead now

^Lenin and Stalin were great comrades.

Thanks to them their state went from being the feudal, famine ridden and war-ravaged backwater it was under the tsars, to a world power in just a few decades. One that could rival the imperialist USA. While the US suffered during the crisis of capitalism that was the great depression, the economy of the Soviet Union prospered.

In addition to being the first to put a man in space, the Soviet Union eliminated illiteracy through their free public education system. They also had free healthcare as well as very little homelessness, along with an unemployment rate of 0%.

Other achievements of the Soviet Union:


Tata Sky Development System (direct broadcast satellite)

Prime spacesuit, CH-1 (1931)

First multistage rocket (1947)

Creating the staged combustion (1949)

First spaceport, Baikonur Cosmodrome (1957)

First orbiting satellite, Sputnik 1 (1957)

First living being in orbit, the dog Laika on Sputnik 2 (1957)

First man-made object to leave the Earth's orbit, Luna 1 (1959)

First telemetry communication to and from off the ground, Luna 1 (1959)

First object to pass near the moon, and the first object in solar orbit Luna 1 (1959)

First satellite hit the moon, Luna 2 (1959)

First images of the dark side of the moon, Luna 3 (1959)

First satellite to be launched to Mars, Marsnik 1 (1960)

First rocket boots (1960)

Creating space food (1961)

First satellite to Venus, Venera 1 (1961)

First person to enter orbit around the Earth, Yuri Gagarin in Vostok 1 (1961)

First person to spend one day in orbit, Gherman Titov, Vostok 2 (1961)

First double flight, manned Vostok 3 and Vostok 4 (1962)

First probe on Mars, Mars 1 (1962) made ​​the first pictures of Mars from space

First woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, Vostok 6 (1963)

Multitripulado first flight (3 persons), Voskhod 1 (1964)

First spacewalk EVA, by Aleksei Leonov, Voskhod 2 (1965)

First probe to hit another planet Venus, Venera 3 (1965)

First probe landing on the moon and transmitted from there, Luna 9 (1966)

First probe into lunar orbit, Luna 10 (1966)

Creation of the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft model (1967), which is the only way that NASA and ESA send astronauts into space

First space bathroom (1967)

First meeting and unmanned docking, Cosmos 186/Cosmos 188 (1967) until 2006 this feat was not mimicked by the USA

Close coupling and exchange of crew in orbit, Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 (1969)

First extraterrestrial samples returned by Luna 16 (1970)

First robot on a celestial body, Lunokhod 1 (1970)

First probe to Venus, Venera 7 (1970)

First data received from a probe on another planet (Venus), Venera 7 (1970)

First space station, Salyut 1 (1971)

First satellite to orbit Mars and make a descent, Mars 2 (1971)

Second robot on a celestial body, Lunokhod 2 (1973) and with the Lunokhod 1 is the only automated mobile laboratories that have explored the Moon guided by remote control until

First satellite to orbit Venus and send data back to Earth Venera 9 (1975)

Creation of the coupling mechanism and docking of spacecraft, Androgynous Peripheral Attach System (1975)

Creating space shuttle Buran (1976), which can carry 30 tons (USA model only 25), return flights with load of 20 tons (USA only 15), with a support rate of 6.5 (compared to 5.5 of the USA model), its auxiliary maneuvering system rockets and use oxygen and kerosene fuel instead of solid (like the USA) and gives better performance. Besides the Buran shuttle could make unmanned missions (USA can't), with ejection seats (the USA model does not have) considered the safest and most effective of the history and design more effective and resilient thermal tiles that USA version

Creating the world's most powerful rocket: Energy (1976), capable of carrying 100 tons

First Spaceship supply unmanned, Progress (1978)

First radio telescope (1979)

First woman to walk in space , Svetlana Savitskaja in Salyut 7 (1984)

First shuttle in orbit to Earth independently, Buran (1984)

First multi module space station: Salyut 7 and Kosmos 1686 (TKS-4) (1985)

First crew to visit two space stations, Mir and Salyut 7 (1986) aboard Soyuz T-15

First permanent space station to orbit Earth, Mir (1986)

First crew to spend over a year on Mir, Vladimir Titov and Musa Manarov (1987)


First nuclear power plant, Obninsk (1954)

Development of the largest thermonuclear experimental facility in the world, Tokamak 10, prototype of a thermonuclear reactor

Invention of the Tzar Bomb, the most powerful nuclear bomb in history (100 Mt) whose power was reduced for environmental reasons (50-57 Mt). Comparison to USA bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 15 Mt

Invention of nuclear fusion

Invention of the Tokamak (1956), aiming to provide apparatus fusion plasma particle

Invention of the first nuclear icebreaker "LENIN" world's first nuclear-powered (1952)

Invention of particle accelerator microtron (1944)

Invention synchrotron particle accelerator (1957)

Invention of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (1944)

First fast neutron reactor, BN350 (1955)

Creation pipeline longest history, Druzhba (1964)

First nuclear desalination reactor, BN-350 (1972)

First reflectron (1973)

Creating the largest geotechnical probe history, Kola Well (1970)

Creating BARS Press (1989)


Invention of the LED (Oleg Vladimirovich, 1927)

Invention of vibratory exercise equipment (1960)

Perfecting maser, Basov and Aleksandr Prokhorov Nikolai

Lomography Invention (1982)

First lie detector device, by Alexander Romanovich Luria

Creating underwater welding, Konstantin Khrenov (1932)

First reflector telescope, the Maksutov (1941)

First laser microphone (1947)

Creating the magnetotelluric (1950)

Discovery of the Belousov-Zhabotinski Reaction (1951)

Creation explosive compression generator pumped flow (1951)

Creating 3D holography (1962)

First microwave oven (1941)

First radio antenna


Invention of therapies against infectious diseases that were based on bacteriophage virus (1940)

Early surgical treatment of congenital heart disease, by pioneering Bukulev Alexander (1948)

Creation of Objective Psychology, by neurologist Vladimir Bekhterev, also known for pointing out the role of the hippocampus in memory, his study of reflexes, and Bekhterev's disease

First successful cornea transplant in 1931, by Vladimir Filatov, who developed tissue therapy

Creating radial keratotomy by Svyatoslav Nikolayevich Fyodorov

Creating the Ilizarov apparatus for lengthening limb bones and for the Ilizarov Surgery (1951) by Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov

Creating cultural-historical psychology, psychological activity theory and method of "combined power", by Alexander Romanovich Luria

Enlarge criteria for the diagnosis of schizophrenia with the distinction between negative and positive symptoms, a key research and classification of schizophrenia concept, Andrei Snezhnevsky

First cardiac surgery under local anesthesia, Alexander Vishnevsky, 1953

Foundation of purulent surgery, Archbishop Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky, Stalin Prize, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1946.

Discovery of Cherenkov Effect (Pavel Cherenkov Alekseyecih)

First artificial organ transplant

First transfusion of blood from a corpse, Sergei Yudin, 1929.

First blood bank. Created by Sergei Yudin in early 1930. Middle of that same year, the USSR would have 65 large blood donation centers and more than 500 branches.

Creation of painless childbirth (under anesthesia)

Creating Gramicina S (1942)

First head transplant with full brain function (1950)

Creating anthropometric cosmetology (1952)

Creating radial keratotomy (1974)

Discovery of Vitamins

Discovery of the virus

First acoustic microscope (1959)


First programmable computer MESM (1950)

First Soviet and European electronic computers , BESM (Sergey Lebedev, 1951) and MESM (Sergey Lebedev , 1958)

First computer with ternary logic (faster and more reliable than the binary system), Setun (Nikolai Brusentsov, 1958) and model development Setun-70 (Nikolai Brusentsov, 1970) which further reinforced the aspect of programming, improving to by a factor 5 software development over other architectures time

First personal computer, MIR (Victor Glushkov, 1965)

First computer-aided education system in history (Nastavnik), with a clear reference to the current

First superscalar computer (processor microarchitecture capable of executing more than one instruction per clock cycle), Elbrus-1 (Boris Babaian, 1970). The use of this equipment in 1978, ten years before commercial applications appeared in the West, the Soviet Union developed its missile systems and nuclear and space programs.

Foundation of cybernetics (Victor Glushkov)

Invention of Tetris (Alexey Pajitnov, 1984)

Invention of the FAR file manager, RAR and WinRAR format file (Eugene Roshal)

First mobile phone, Leonid Ivanovich Kupriyanovich (1955), which was copied by the USA in 1970 and Finland in 1980 gave him a civil use with Nokia.


First multiple rocket launcher, the Katyusha rocket launcher (1939)

Creating the largest and most powerful in the world single-rotor helicopter, the Mil Mi-26 (1981)

Creating the Sikorsky S -64 Skycrane, able to lift more cargo than any other in history

Ekranoplano Creation (1950), similar to an airplane that uses the influence of the "ground effect" over the sea to just not consume fuel and carry 500 tons.

Creating the world's largest aircraft, capable of carrying 225 tonnes, the Antonov 225 (1980)

First telemechanical plane

First supersonic passenger plane, TU-144

First (and only) aircraft powered by a nuclear reactor, TU- 119

First (and only) space fighter aircraft built, the MIG-105, capable of knocking launchers , missiles and enemy satellites in space and back.

Creating the MIG-25 fighter jet with absolute altitude record (37.650 m), rise time from 0 to 30 km (3 min 10 s), speed circuit 500 km (2981.5 km/h)

First (and only) seaplane world operating reactors, Beriev BE-200

First ship to explore the North Pole, NS Arktika (1972)

Creating the most produced biplane in history, the Polikarpov Po-2 (1927)

Creating the Ilyushin Il-2, the most produced aircraft in history.

First hydrofoil, Raketa (1957)

First ship missile, Komar (1959)

Creating faster and able to dive deeper in history (1300 m), the Alpha class nuclear submarine. I just needed a crew of 27 people (compared to the 110 that need an american model, Los Angeles) as it was very automated.

Creating the largest submarine in history, the Typhoon class, only in carry 5 helmets (which makes it support several torpedo hits before being knocked out) and unique history in bringing certain luxuries like individual cabin, gym, pool, sauna, lounges, etc.

First tank with composite armor, the first to incorporate an autoloader, first tank missile launch: T64

First military robot; the Tt -26 ( 1949), a remote controlled tanks to minimize human casualties; equipped with DT machine guns, flamethrowers, smoke grenades and sometimes with a bomb between 200-700 kg which was released near the refuge to destroy enemy bunkers up to four levels underground. Was also trained to carry chemical weapons, but not used for safety and environmentalism.

First flamethrower tank in history, KHT-26 (1931)

First tank with wings, Antonov A-40 (1942)

Creating the best and most produced tank of World War II: T-34 (1940)

Creating the most produced tank in history, T-54/55 (1945)

Close reactive armor (1960)

Close reactive armor capable of protecting against APFSDS ammunition (armor piercing), 1985

First infantry fighting vehicle in history (BMP-1 created in 1961) in addition to NBC protection, anti-tank, amphibious capability and launchable parachute with a 73 mm cannon, anti-tank missile launcher and 3 PKT machine guns. It was badly copied in 1980 (20 years later) by the USA, to get their first IFV, giving birth to the M2/M3 Bradley. It was 16.5 tons heavier than its counterpart BMP-1 with less crew and with a much smaller (and without missile capability) cannon.

First paratroopers forces with military use of history in 1930, being also fully mechanized his paratroopers with BMD (launchable parachute). USA still has not an IFV support their paratroopers.

First aerial firefighters (1936)

First modern assault rifle, the AK-47 (1947)

First torpedo remote control glider, PSN-1

First torpedo reaction, PRAB-203

First supercavitating torpedo, VA -111 Shkval

First airship missile

First intercontinental missile (R-7 Semyorka, 1957)

First anti-ballistic missile (1961)

First intercontinental missile submarine, Vysota R-29 (1969) Creating multi-rocket engine chamber world's most powerful liquid fuel, RD-170 (1987)

Creating infrared serving RKKA

First drogue parachute (1937)

Creating Sambo Martial Art by Anatoly Kharlampiev (1938)

First underwater assault rifle, the APS (1975)

Creating the Active Protection System, Drozd (1978)

First bathyscaphe, Mir (1987). First to explore the seabed under the North Pole

First performed the maneuver "Cobra Pugavhev" in 1989

First ramjet engine, R-3 (1939)

Aerowagon creation (1917) pioneered Schienenzeppelin German, the M-497 Black Beetle USA and Soviet turbojet train

First snowmobile history, RF-8, based on the pre-Soviet prototype Aerosani

First antisatellite weapon (1960)


Creation of the polyphonic or contrapuntal, metric, rhythmic, harmonic, melodic assembly. Previous conceptual audiovisual modalities, including video and clip, by Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein

Invention of xerography

Creation of chroma

Kinopanorama Invention (1956)


First and totally FREE public education system, which achieved the highest rates of literacy in history in the 15 Soviet republics. Moreover, Soviet schools offered free food for students, so the work-life balance is made ​​much easier than today in the capitalist countries. Even kindergartens were also free.

First FREE and universal health care system, which increased the life expectancy of the Soviets, less than 40 years in 1917, to reach Western levels in 80 (70 years). The achievements of hunger eradication and health systems can also compare with the average height of the Soviets in 1917 (1,60 m) to 1980 (1,80 m). This health system discovered painless childbirth and performed the first organ transplant.

Between 1945 and 1964, the Soviet national income grew by 570%, compared to 55% in the USA (and remember that the USSR was not a Marshal Plan to help the country)

Invention of evening studies so that workers could build careers.

First country in history where abortion was legal and free (since 1920)

First country in history to achieve an unemployment rate at 0%

Equality policies, one of the first countries to adopt women's suffrage

First woman in history to hold a position in a government (Aleksandra Kollontai)

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the video you are posting is the classic cheap/crap communist propaganda
it seems you are so young or so silly to understand certain obvious things
I hope you mature when you are older

All respect to the Red Army and for Stalin for saving us all from fascism

@Fabie, @tyron
If it wasn't for the Soviet Union industrializing so quickly with Stalin's leadership, and the Red Army fighting well, there's good chances neither of you would be alive right now as the nazis would've been successful.

terminate wrote:All respect to the Red Army and for Stalin for saving us all from fascism

@Fabie, @tyron
If it wasn't for the Soviet Union industrializing so quickly with Stalin's leadership, and the Red Army fighting well, there's good chances neither of you would be alive right now as the nazis would've been successful.

please note the myth that the red army saved the word is a commnunist myth / propaganda

however the red army did a great job yes, fantastic job
they killed tons of indoctrinated german soldiers and nazis,
but at the same time the soldiers of the red army were adoctrinated too by the communist evil regime

anyways, Germany and Hitler they would never have succeeded, the USA and UK they would have defeated them in the long run
even less could they dominate the world,
ie I live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean,those German indoctrinated rats could never have gotten here
conquer the world is impossible for any nation or regime, the planet is too big

8/10 germans were killed on the eastern front. The Red Army contributed the most by far, with at least 11 million giving their lives in WW2

>communism is evil
yea, us communists are evil incarnate. How dare us for wanting to end capitalist exploitation of workers, imperialism, oligarchy, and battle the now rampant unemployment/homelessness/hunger. Wanting to get rid of the system that results in a handful of pigs having billions of dollars while others have nothing is just soo evil.

terminate wrote:Wanting to get rid of the system that results in a handful of pigs having billions of dollars while others have nothing is just soo evil.


"yea bro, just move to a country that's sanctioned while under constant threat of nuclear attack and invasion because it doesn't bow to US imperialism. who cares if you can't speak their language or even afford to move there"

Bill Gates is scum, pigs like him deserve the guillotine. The "just move to a different country" line is such a simple-minded thing to say. I don't want to run to a different country to seclude myself and be done with it all. I want the whole world to be rid of these capitalist parasites. I want communism worldwide.



the communist evil regime in north korea is really funny
millions of retarded apes dominated by an ape a bit more intelligent

those apes are so stupid and primitive that they think their leader is a living god instead a smart ape
our beloved member Terminate is so induced by communism that does not realize all of this

anyways I'm going to post a small video for him which I'm sure he will enjoy

humans perceive the world with relativity, one that lived in the slums all their life will see our mediocrity as supremacy, luxury worthy of the gods.

but these eyes are not of human decent, i gaze outside of time and into it, past, present and future, it is all the same to me, and by my divine discernment, i judge....

Monarchy is the only way, not of the mockery that is in the recent history, where families rule, where heirs inherit, but rather a time far back in history, lost among the countless pages of human legacy, an era where gods walked on this earth.

to become king is to rule, not like that of a public servant that toils away for his people, but to become the law as absolute as the laws of nature, a being that is uncolored by the morality of humanity, thus influenced by none, and flawless to the very core...

Thus to be king is not a duty meant for a human


such a role befits only that of God
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

What was so "evil" about the Soviet Union? There were no gay pride parades, prostitutes, strip clubs, porn, white guilt, rap music, casinos, homeless people, unemployed people, mass shootings, drug users, marijuana, hook up culture, immigrants, or dependence on imports. All the different races were forced to live in their own republics. Why exactly did "conservatives" hate them so much?

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