I don't hate USAmericans

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If there's any I feel contempt for it's the government and the ruling class/rich. The police and soldiers who protect their interests are pretty scummy as well but not to the same degree, as many of them I believe are indoctrinated enough to think they're actually doing the right thing, and of course many soldiers sign up simply because they see it as a way of being able to get an education and find "direction".

The people of the US in general though, I don't think they're all bad or mean-spirited. Greedy and selfish sure, capitalism encourages this.
Altogether though, I believe they've been lied to their whole lives by the media, government, and schools, being tricked into believing there's no better option than this system, and that it's natural.
Fooled into actually thinking that the rich have the working class's best interests in mind, that the rich worked hard and deserve to have millions or billions, that wage slavery is freedom, and that US imperialism is a force of good.

Basically they're generally very indoctrinated, especially among the working class. They lick and eat the boot, then ask for seconds. Being blindly patriotic and delusional enough to believe this's the greatest country in the world is common among people here.
Poor dumb bastards.

"The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas."

^If you don't try at something then how can you expect to become good at it?

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