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Hi incels,

I have dated my first 19yo by Tinder, blonde, cute by my standard. I 27 yo, never dated so young "child" (for me all <22, they got limited abilities to impress a grown man so rather into older woman).

I epically fucked up this way:

I joked on the start about the fact she is short (she was 5'10 so...xD). I told her, that "you are so short than i'm able to cover you with my body and even have place to hold steering wheel".

Initiall reaction looked okay, but shit...it initialized time bomb. :( Because in Polish the word "cover up" could mean also "to mate (between animals)". Rare usage but...DAAAAMN....YES INDEED she understood it THIS way xDDDD

I totally fucked by this my date !!! Despite all my later efforts, i was only able to observe as she is slowly flaking on me with sign "what a creep" on her face !!! She got into typical for woman mind emotional spiral, hard to cut quickly enough!

My date finished about 15 minutes since start because she made up some explanation that she need to pick up a friend from airport. Then she put money on the table "for my coffee" and quickly left the building. Then unmatched me :(((

I'm angry that she pigeonholed me so quickly and now i have no interest in contacting her again !!!

BTW funny fact about "childgirls" for ya to remind:

When she start leaving, i reprimended her (firmly but not aggresive) for not planning enough time for me for this evening. And asked her "type yourself in my phone". And she did it. Checked WhatsApp and number is real xD

Also before leaving, she started explaining herself that she got tiny amount of time because she is managing a cafe and told me which one.

Joke: why "creepy" "dominative psychopaths" are getting into relations with woman ?

Because woman are telling them their numbers and workplaces XD


Maybe she understood like that because "tounge ever turns to the aching tooth". The girl may really spending long time on work. Daaamn, she could be nice candidate for very commited sexual toy. What a mess!!!
Don't bother hang up with stronger and wiser than you. Coward will betray you in first possibility.

I don't know if this is a troll post but anyways I will reply to this

how could you mock the girl about her height in the 1st date?
you= total retard

in a 1st date you must be extremely serious, do not act like a clown, no jokes, no irony, no sarcasm,no bullyng
any of those things causes confusion and give a very a bad impression

you can start light joking a girl after 3 or 4 dates, never before

>how could you mock the girl about her height in the 1st date?
you= total retard

What will be the life without taking our inner jerk out? lulz

I try to WA her tomorrow and we will see if i can brought her back to my orbit.

You guys should regret that i don't have her photos. Just imagine, 5'10 blonde , dainty figure, nice face. I was able to hug her on opening and it was remarkable touch. U will h8 me for letting her go away.

jribelle wrote:
What will be the life without taking our inner jerk out? lulz

you must hide your interior jerk specially on a 1st date, that's part of good manners, you are disrespectful
it seems you got a dating* PUA concept by David de Angelo where you must apply "cook and funny" with women to fuck them ,it doesn't work, is a scam
forget about back into your orbit such 19yo bitch, you ruined it yourself, you have beee nexted

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