"Romantic love" = Acting Cute

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The idea of "romantic love" could be explained as an invention by industry and the media. The jewelry industry like to invent "romantic love" to sell more jewelry.

A large part of this is true. But here is something else driving the idea "romantic love" :

People simply find "romantic love" CUTE.

When people see a couple loving each other and kissing, people react "aww, they are so cute!"

It is like how people react to babies kissing.

It is like how people react when pets are loyal to their owners.

In fact there are television shows about the so-called "unconditional romantic love" where looks mismatched couples love each other.

When people flirt via text messages, they try to act "cute". They use smilies and emoticons which could be interpreted as cute.

Romantic words that lovers exchange toward each other are "cute."

"Pair-bonding" in the sense of monogomy is "cute".

Many of the romantic acts that couples do to each other (like smiling, kissing, hand-holding, being faithful) are "cute."

Women act sweet and innocent and men act like blue-pilled betas to be seen as "cute."

People like to spread the idea of "romantic love" simply because they find it CUTE.

the romantic love was invented in Europe in the renaissance around the 15 century
before this era there was no romantic love , people did not fall in love

people got married and had children by agreement, the stupidity of entering in love was induced by the media
the romantic love helped the economy to sell presents ie chocolates,flowers, jewelry dinners in restaurants etc

in the 20/ 21 century the romantic love is induced specially by films and comedies in TV
before this era the people was induced by romantic books

That idea became popular in England and Scotland first,where vagabond writers spread it like a plague,with help of decadent royalty...Later even Chatolics and Protestant became liberal and embraced it.You will not find it in the Bible nor in the writings of the early church fathers,in Islam especially.The whole concept of putting woman on a pedestal is cringeworthy.Even in atheism Darwin didn't held high opinion of women,quite the contrary.
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Romantic love = being with a cute hqnp or for girls prettyboys
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