The stupidity of the American Conservatives

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How laughable is it that some of the most staunch supporters of capitalism in the first world are those who benefit the least from it? Lower class, right wing, propaganda loving rednecks who own 0 capital.

I could see perhaps that they look at the third world and deduce that capitalism is superior in that it gives the lowest first worlders a comfier existence. However, capitalism only does this through exploitation of the lesser developed world, to the benefit of the proletarians of the first world who now get to enjoy cheaper "luxuries". Meanwhile the gap in wealth between these aforementioned proletarians and the bourgeois who truly are the ones who benefit the most from this system of exploitation only increases.

So why support this system that makes your existence akin to slavery? In the first world you work not for the sake of your community and self-fulfillment, but because to sell your life away is an absolute necessity if you want to survive. The bourgeois, who owning the means of production, exploit the proletarians by forcing them into this situation of wage slavery. They get more for contributing less, while the proletarian gets less for contributing more. They are alienated from the value their labor creates, as the capitalist takes the lions share. It's theft.

In simple terms, capitalism is theft, alienation, and exploitation. It's unsustainable.

Why is it unsustainable you ask? Much of our personal property is extracted by lower wage workers, and assembled by lower wage workers in the less developed world. Their employer, or slave master rather, pays them less money than what it costs to make their product, and then charges us, the consumers, more to net high profits. This is capitalism. It's essential to sell a product or thing for more than it costs to make in order to turn a profit, rewarding greed.

So now the question is, what happens when the third-world isn't a good source of cheap labor and materials? Prices will go up and we'll be unable to afford anything here. The current status quo is entirely predicated on exploitation. Without rife exploitation, the system will simply not function.

But none of this even crosses the mind of the American capitalism-loving conservative. Using max brain power, they simply only think "socialism = bad" and "capitalism = freedom". True indoctrination. What a joke.

A lot of those rednecks have failed to ask what has capitalism/ republicans done for me? They just compare it to communism or compare republicans to democrats, say they are better and vote for them. They fail to ask the most basic question, that is how the dumb people are kept poor and happy. I feel sorry for the poor white rednecks in the Appalachia mountains, but they brought it on themselves, for not being white nationalist and voting for zionist republicans who hate poor white people.

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