Vitaly lifestyle and girlfriend

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Vitaly is basically swiming in pussy, also he is living the crazy life travelling every where etc
he has been in dubai, south africa, italy, spain, paris,miami beach , and lot of other places
sometimes he drives expensives cars ,travel on luxurious yachts , wtf?

I wonder from where does he get the money for all that lust ???
youtube? drug traffic ? ( please clarify if you have the answer)

apart from all of this now has a really hot girlfriend
look at her
what do you think
is she a 10 for you?

here is a another video where supposedly he buys to her mom a expensive mercedes benz
WTF this can't be true , his mother seems is a gold digger with fake tits
how can this be possible if when vitaly started doing videos in 2012 it looked like he was broken
is VItaly the bastard son of a millonaire and this gold digger?

can anyone estimate the earnings of this youtube channel per month according to the subcsribers and viewvers?

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