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yesterday a pair of corrupt legislators from Venezuela were poisioned and stolen by 2 prostitutes in Cucuta/colombia
they meet them in a comercial center and they took them to a hotel to the same room
both legislators were cousins ,one of them died the other one recovering in a hospital
more info in spanish here: ... burundanga

it seems the poison used is called "burundanga" used to stole rich/careless people
the effect of this drug is similar to GHB used to rape sluts, but this drug is more dangerous and it can cause death

the point of this is that this happen everyday in all countries in this planet, stupid men fall and end up stolen or killed by prostitutes, street hookers etc
according to the criminalist Lombroso the women which are prostitutes are not really women, is a different specie
they are very savage , shallow and primitive, they are the equivalent to the male criminal, they inherited idem gens

my advice: stay away from prostitutes

The average prostitute fucker is not that important, stop being paranoid.

As for honey trap intelligence stings using female agents, women are all too willing to be complicit in betraying innocent men for the pleasureable experience of empowerment at the disproportionate suffering of others.

It is parasitical and primitive behaviour which can be found in ALL females. Studies show even women plucked from the street would torture a complete male stranger and even shows signs of enjoying it.

It appeals to their primitive side of forming an alliance with a manipulative alpha male.

pantysniffer wrote:The average prostitute fucker is not that important, stop being paranoid.


the average prostitute is savage and dangerous ,note that all of them are always armed with a knife or a better weapon
as minimum she's going to try to steal your money or wallet

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