correct reasoning after ejaculation

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please note that male and female do lot of stupid things due the high libid
but I will focus only in the male problem

the high libid can lead you to waste your time in crap, spend lot of money buying unnecessarry things ,wasting fuel on unnecessary trips and getting into problems that later is not easy to escape

surely you will know what I am talking about ,anyways I hope you know because I will not go into details of all the stupid things we do
so for a correct way of thinking and acting: just masturbate then ejaculate and rethink everything again

note that after ejaculation your brain is clean of sexual corruption for about 10-15 mins, and if you have oneitis or you are sexually accelerated looking for sluts everywhere or wasting time chasing certain slut which always flakes on you : just think about this in those 10-15 mins: what are you going to do to solve all those issues

make your future plans in those 10-15 mins after you ejaculated, write what you thought on paper and have that paper on hand every day,so that when your libido goes up you will have the right solutions written by yourself

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