Holy fuck it's over, morphed my university ID photo

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TLDR morphed a selfie then sended it to my university for ID and got accepted

for my university we can submit our own photo/selfie to use as an id, so naturally as any seasoned pslers would do, go on a water fast for an entire day eating nothing and drinking water by the gallons to achieve maximum leanness and then took 200+ selfies in the ideal lighting, squinting, pouting, clenching and also simultaneously sucking in my cheeks, basically every Opry moveset honed to its absolute perfection and ofc cherry picked the best selfie where I didn't look a constipated pouting manchild.

that is of course not nearly te end of it, with the vast encyclopaedia of psl looks knowledge at my disposal, I ofc morphed the shit out of my best photo, doubled my Ramus length and jaw angularity, halved my Midface length, broadened my cheekbones and chiseled them that will make Barrett weep, slayer of god tier pct and angularity eyes, looks like a lion/cat hybrid, reduced my 5 head to a 4head with a -0.5 NW hairline lowering then lastly for good measure slapped that morph in 10+ different filters to achieve maximum possible cheek, jaw definition, legit came out looking like a portrait of the renaissance era.

It's all good right? what is the problem right? Nope we had to submit our drivers license as a proof, fucking hell that pic ko'd me, it the LEGIT worst possible pic in the worst possible lighting in the worst possible angle at my worst possible day, i looked like a failed half transitioned tranny that was on E for a decade, legit no angularity, I could probably draw my entire face using just circles and ovals, fucking hell, I had to submit it anyway cos it was already too late, throughout the whole procedures I was just simultaneously doing

...........And to my utmost surprise(no sarcasm) it got.....accepted lmao, I have no idea how anyone in this heaven and earth could draw enough similarities and conclude they are the same person, I mean they did say that my drivers license looks "outdated" and that I perhaps need to update it lmao,not even in 1000 years will I look like that, one looks like majin buu and the other looks like a sephon/sensdep morph of Zeus, I might as well used a pic of Gandy and that would've been more plausible lol.

Now I am even more worried though, what if the lecturer brings up the id photo of each student and asks for a quick introduction(Ikr wtf its Uni not elementary school), I can already foresee it, the teacher going through the list, unimpressive faces by the dozens, not one is worth even rating, then comes the fateful moment, my turn... Time slows down to almost a standstill, the cursor slowly descends unto my name, click, my visage now projected onto the big screen, a class of 200+, gasps all across the room, whispers and giggles from prime stacies, even chads look at each other and nod in acknowledgement of such supreme specimen, "Dream, would you mind introducing yourself?" The lecturer asks, now everyone is scanning across the room, stacies desperately trying to identify the entity on the big screen and eager to asses him in motion, I in my pitiful high pitched pathetically quiet voice, "I am dream, and my hobbies are browsing incel forums all day.....", all eyes on me, all eyes now hopping back and forth between the real me and the morphed me on the big screen, stacy now in confusion and in disappointment says " you look quite different, did they put up the wrong photo?" Everyone nods in agreement no even the lecturer is curious as such disparity, time is again at a stand still, I respond "yeah I got a haircut" ....

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Oh lord in heaven, I your loyal retainer, I your loyal subject.... I your son and your blood, I kneel before you my king, Gandy whose name I say with respect, your visage beyond my mortal gaze, your wisdom beyond my comprehension, I humbly ask of you father, deliver me from this immenent end, shield me from the shame, shield me from the humiliation, my destiny now spiralling into the abyss, my fate now set in stone, I beg of you father

save me....
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

You really are a vain fuck if you took that much time and effort to take a uni ID selfie :lol:

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