Melvin Rowland and Joshua Hupperterz

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Melvin Rowland and Joshua Hupperterz. Just google those two names and look at their pics, lol.

One was an ugly ass (seriously look at his pics, he was the type of ugly ass spic with a super long mid-face who looked like an ape) skinny little spic who looked like one of the fucking refugees from Latin America, and the other was some flat-nosed, old, 37 year old, huge-nostrilled and big fat lipped nigger (with a moustache, lol). The nigger was a 37 year-old, convicted pedophile and he was fucking McCluskey, your protoypical 21-year old college undergrad whore who (as evidenced by the fact she repeatedly fucked a 37 year old ugly pedophile nigger) would fuck anything that moved.

IN addition to being an ugly old nigger and and ugly spic, Both of these guys had SEVERE MENTAL PROBLEMS (one was a fucking pedophile, for fucks' sake), yet they both were fucking hot young, college-aged white girls, lol. Just LOLZ at any of you retards who still believe that women have ANY standards in whom they fuck these days, lol. It is LEGIT IMPOSSIBLE to be an incel in ANY western slave liberal society fueled by free birth control and tinder, lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

now go ahead little aspie incel troll retards and tell me that :A-durrr but I bet those were the young white fuckbuddy pussy those two guys EVER GOT, so your point is invalid and I will point to their social media and testimony of friends and acquiantances which proves otherwise, the psycho ugly ape-faced spic and the flat-nosed nigger pedophile were getting all the white trash fuckbuddy free birth control pussy they could handle AND B-try to tell me "yeah bur DURRRR they are only two guys/two examples, who just got laid because of the randomness of an uncaring nad completely random universe so ur point proves nothing durrrr" and I will give you tons of examples of ugly ass niggers and spics and chinks and Indians getting all the young white trash pussy they can handle. but continue to believe that "DURRRRR INCELS EXIST BECAUSE WHITE WOMEN ARE SOOO SELECTIVE IN WHOM THEY FUCK IN THIS TINDER/FREE BIRTH CONTROL DAY AND AGE DURRRRRR ONLY CHADS GET LAID DURRRR", lol, ya fuckin' retarded chuckleheads. :lol: :lol: :lol:

on a side note, it makes me REALLY HAPPY that both of these young white trash liberal free birth control fuckbuddy hook-up whores died at the hands of these ugly spics and niggers whose fuckbuddy brown cocks they couldn't get enough of, lol.

Think that in the moments immediately leading up to their horrifically, violent, bloody, horrifying deaths they regretted ever having fucked either one of these assholes, no strings attached? Poor Jenna tried to fight for her life with a knife (she lost) while poor Lauren cried and begged for her life (to no avail), so ja, I think that in their final moments on this earth, they experienced a fair amount of regret along the lines of (oh shit, I wish I had never even met this guy) along with fear, lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

That nigger killed himself

That pussy must have been out of this world lol

I hate explain this shit but the cases you are exposing are rare , and nothing of this fit on what you see every day in real life

in the 1st case the couple is matched and both are evil genetic shit, nothing to analyze here

in the 2nd case the young slut who dated the negro is obvious she had severe mental issues otherwise impossible

I remember that people with mental issues date any shit and they do not realize anything

I see that you are a bit unbelieving of everything,
you look like a stupid flat earther in youtube

to back to reality
make a profile in Tinder using your pics, and try to fuck sluts. it doesn't matter if they are hot or ugly, try it for 2 months, then return cured to the forum

Icecutter101 wrote:That Joshua dude and girl is a looksmatch btw

IceCutter, I have always been a fan of both your posts AND your pizzas, so I have to ask....what exactly do you mean by the ugly ape psycho spic and Jenna Burleigh behing "looksmatched." Do you mean that you think he was a pretty good-looking guy and she was kinda hot so they are looksmatched that way, OR do you mean that you think she was as ugly as he was? Legit question.

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