tap water in my city is toxic chemical water (long read)

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i used to steam my face with pure distilled water which i would bulk buy. they came in 10 litre air tight boxes. i steamed my face at least once per day using 1 litre of water so that box last me over a week.

steaming and exfoliating regularly is critical for maintaining good skin as you start to decay. as they say youth is a gift and age is work or some shit like that.

well i know that my cuck city fluorodates the water supply. in addition they use chlorine and chloramine which cannot be removed with ascorbate or even evaporated with prolonged exposure to air as some of the other chemicals. there are countless other chemicals put into the water which can be viewed on the city water suppliers own website.

well i did an experiment which i have cut early. i steamed my face using the tap water. on the 4th day i developed shortness of breath. their is a peak at each breath which allows maximal oxygen uptake no matter how shallow the breath is. well i was struggling to reach that peak and felt like i was fucking suffocating. i stupidly continued the experiment for another day and it became significantly worse after the steam. my breath became worse so i immediately boiled up some distilled water with peppermint and spearmint teabags which instantly opened up my airways to almost normal.

if u think the water in ur city is bad ,collect water from the rain ,It is the purest that exists

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