Even female college athletes are fat in the UK

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Oxford University women's rugby players did a nude calendar to raise money for charity a few years back. Now, rugby players aren't going to be svelte, but 18 > 22 y/o's shouldn't have this amount of cellulite, especially since they're doing some physical training. Even the ones that have a somewhat reasonable BMI mostly have the ass and legs of a 50 year old woman.

These are college girls ffs - at the peak of their metabolism and genetics. They are fat and doughy with cellulite and barely 20 years old. How are they gonna look at 30, 40? :o.


I would only fuck three or four of them, starting from the left: #2 #10 #16 and #17

It is wrong for a variety of reasons:

1. They are too fat and out of shape despite 'working out'. You can tell they mostly sit around on their backsides all day, likely on their Smartphones, that's why their asses are flat, saggy and atrophic. If you don't use your butt muscles (such as walking, squats, weight bearing activities) as well as diet, well this is the sight you get.

2. They are proud of it and post their pics.

3. They will likely still get laid easily enough and will get thousands of thirsty Betas professing their undying love to them on Tinder, Facebook, OkCupid etc, so that it may seem to themselves that they are great looking women.

I get that it's for charity, but you know that all of them thought it was a good idea because "we're women and we're sexy and we're naked, its rugby, so guys will love it and buy it." It is a tragedy frankly - mostly for men, while the women revel in their 'power'.

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