Duke nukem forever , a chad video game created by ugly nerds

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I have been playing this shit which I just downloaded in a torrent
if you don't know very much about this retarded videogame : features an arrogant chad which kill aliens and is very famous in the city and all sluts want to fuck him

the first thing you must do in this game is peeing, so imagine what good content follows
then you must kill some aliens and a boss, but is fake, is Duke who is playing a videogame in a console while a pair of blonde twins are doing him a blowjob :lol: pathetic
the stupid shit continue during game where some sluts approach him and want to fuck him ,make him a blow job etc
all the crap script of this game is pure porn fantasy out of reality

instead energy or vitality as all FPS shooters have, this game have an "ego" counter, so you die when Duke is depressed :lol:

is obvious these ugly freaks who created this crap have been brainwashed for years by American' porn
they inserted their incel stupid dream in this videogame
look at them


don't attack fellow incels
play original duke
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Freshmen year of college, I told my advisor (a middle-aged nerdy professor) I was depressed about all the lame people I was meeting. He got a shocked look on his face, like he didn't realize the lame world he lived in.

Computer science, computer programming is the land of lame freaks.

I wish i would go back in time to when I played this game and enjoyed it, modern world is evil and terrible to live in, even 2012 seems like paradise compared to the shithole of modern society and modern gaming is fucking garbage now, been years since I enjoyed a game.

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