the girl i'm dating

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"dating" What a big word
We started chatting everyday since 2 months and we went out together like 6-7 times.
She works a lot, ok, and i can't ask her to delete her friends; but we hang out once per week if i'm lucky.
Last time we had to go out for a dinner and suddenly she got sick and deleted all. on xmas I ask her for a date and she had stuff to do, then the same night she was at cinema with her friends. She has time for who the fuck she wants.
She introduced me to her co-workers 2 weeks ago, and last week she introduced me to her friends, but i (and others) don't see much interess from her. Last time a friend of her was saying to go home so we can stay alone, and she was like "Oh no no, it doesn't matter". Yes it matter, jesus christ, we didn't even have sex yet.

Other girls say that she's not interested in me, but to do not break off anything,in order to have any chance in the future. To don't message her, and let her to take the initiative and respond only then. And I thought I have met one who was not a completely bitch. Jesus christ, it is so irritating. I feed her, i bought a plush for her, and drove away in order to meet her. And she just stand ups on me cause her head hurts sometimes.

I'd whish she confirmed that it's all just a coincidence, anche she cares about me, what a bluepill bullshit, huh

post a pair of pics of the slut so we can analyze better what is happening

will help yes because we could analyze certain details ie if she is on your league ,superior or inferior, if she is a slut or a nun, if she is playing with you etc
in this forum there are some experts like me with a pair of photos we can take out all the light

I think you are just curious about her.
Reading the thread you can have an idea.

Don't listen to Fabie, he is an incel and when he approaches women they beat him with thier purses. You want advice from people who actually fuck hot pussy (i presume)...

There are lots of possibilities with this one, but only one course of action. Women are primative, they are selfish, they are human, they are beasts. She could be very young and waiting for you to make a move (have you?)... She could be waiting for you to tell/show her what she wants to see/hear. There is lots to this but acknowledge you are superior to her and act from a position of power. Do not become attached, make move moves to try to fuck her, if it doesn't work laugh it off... feal free to ask for more details... I will do my best to assist.

I don't know, i think i'm moving in order to make her understand that i want sex. Last time i touched her between her legs, but then there was a friend of her and i can't go over.
Sunday i said "i wanna bite you", then Yesterday she said that she didn't have time for me, so i said ok and the end. Last answer.
We had chat everyday, today not. I just think she's tired of me, other girls say so.

you need to respek wamen. in todays world 2 men = 1 wamen. if you didnt have sex yet its because youre not man enough for this wamen. all wamen are beautiful. if you wanna be 2 men then you need to stop being thirsty for her pussy.

enough bs, this is legit advice, just ignore her from now on. literally forget about her existence. dont block her but disable notifications from her and dont bother to text her unless she does or when you know she did. this will redpill you that she is not interested in ya. cause if she was then shed do something about it. so... i mean just pretend you have no time to see anyone. just like she does with you. no time for you but enough time for cinema lmao thats brutal. sorry man but u need to find yourself another bitch. seems like ur not gonna get laid with this one.

if you wanna make her understand u wanna have sex just send her ur cock lol
thats it mayne

thanks pal

tyron wrote:dont block her but disable notifications from her and dont bother to text her unless she does or when you know she did. this will redpill you that she is not interested in ya. cause if she was then shed do something about it..

and if she is thinking the same? "if he is interested he will look for me", i mean women have this kind of thought sometimes, I saw them
For today she didn't dare; but I left a like on her pic on instagram. And yeah, i watched her stories and left a like, and she missed my last story. but these are bs. Let's see tomorrow then, but i think it will be nothing. Other girls said that maybe she's living this with calm, but well... i doubt about it.

the less fucks u give about her the better
trust me just go find yourself another bitch
dont wait for her forever cuz she wont do the same
the worst thing u can do is be desperate about her pussy
just keep her as friends

Yeah, it's over.
She didn't send me a message yet and she doesn't even watch my stories anymore.
What a bitch. the 2019 started in a very shitty way.

what a waste of time, energies and money. How can they be so beasts? Am I so ugly?
I'll contact another one.

once someone need advise in the interaction with some slut : in the 99% of the cases is game over
you already lost her by the previous boyfriend or by another new chad she just met somewhere or because you do not convince her very much
when there is some slut really interested in you, the interaction is really easy,
you text her ,she text you fast, you call her she answer, you ask for a date, she accepts

I'm really tired. For some it looks clear that she wasn't really interested, but i didn't believe it.
being man = shit life

I don't wanna fuck uglies.

anyway she doesn't follow me on instagram anymore.
Am i wondering if i just overthought about all this and now she's angry cuz i disappeared.

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