Does this seem genuine or not?

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She seems real to me and is waiting for my reply via email. But before I reply I wanted to ask people here because I have been told I can be gullible , too trusting and my big heart longs for real love.

Anyway her name is Raikhan and her message to me is as follows.

Hi how are you?
My name is Raikhan.
I live in Karaganda, Kazakhstan country. I was born on November 27, 1988, I'm 30 years old. My height is 169 cm and my weight is 53 kg.
Soon I will have the opportunity to go abroad for an internship. For an internship, I want to choose your country. It would be great to meet in reality. Do you like this idea? Soon I will learn the details of my trip.
I do not smoke and have never tried drugs.
Maybe it will sound immodest, but I am affectionate, tender and sociable girl.
I am lonely, and a lonely person can not be happy. As a child, I lost my parents. They were in a car accident. I will be grateful if we do not talk about this subject any more, since it is very painful to remember this. Life runs forward and you need to live positively, in memory of my parents.
I'm looking for someone who will love and trust me. This is one of the most important criteria for building a real serious relationship.
My heart is free and I'm ready to open up for love. In my future man I want to see such qualities as a sense of humor and responsiveness.
Please tell me about you. How is your life going? What do you like to do in your spare time? Tell me about the place where you live. Are you looking for a serious relationship? I am sure that we will find a common language, and our communication will continue.
Please write me a new letter and send your photo. I will do the same in reply :)
Your new friend,


She seems a very nice lady! But I worry its some kind of scam, so I hope for some good advice from you guys.

Also happy new year to you, I had a great Christmas with my family and hope you had nice one too.

Looks like a golddiger to me.Anyway i already had a set up date for a chick to fly from the USA to me,guess what-she flaked at the last moment.There is some hope but only 100% validation is PinV.
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

a lonely person de slut in the pics? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

KnightCavalier wrote:A scammer bigger than a cathedral!! :lol:

Hmm, I have decided not to reply as it did seem suspicious how she contacted me by email when I didn't even know who she was!
I feel very sad though, I am ready for a special princess to enter my life but how much longer until she arrives?

Iced Earth wrote:chase fatties

I don't feel attracted to overweight women, I will try harder in 2019 to find a younger slim white girl within 20 miles.

keep trying, there is someone for everyone out here :)

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