"Elliot Rodger had a terrible personality"

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"Women avoided Elliot Rodger because he was scary. He looked like he was gonna kill them in their sleep. His personality was repulsive."

*writes love letters to a chad in prison who murdered his family*
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"The world is just fine the way it is. You're the problem. Not us."

Cad Tonitrus Gallus wrote:women are liars and rationalizers

also that guy is ugly af

do not put all women in the same bag
and nope the guy is not ugly
such guy is a 6 , perhaps 6.5 , this guy could get women easily in real life

btw, there is a small percentage of retard women which are attracted by killers and psychos
even being them jailed when it is obvious there is no possible future
by some unknown reason this has always happened since ancient times
famous criminologists as Lombroso and others from 1800s noted it and they wrote about that but could never understand why


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