Actual One-Sided Conflict Between Husband and Wife

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Husband shouts at wife for not cooking and cleaning. Husband was upset that she did not have sex with him in four months and shouts at her for it. Feminist commenters accuse the husband for being "entitled" for getting angry at her for refusing to have sex with him.

The is the actual origin of "male entitlement". The belief in "male entitlement" stems from a woman's bad personal experiences with their boyfriends and husbands who nag or gets angry when they do not get to have enough sex. Then these women project the "male entitlement" onto other men particularly incels and accuse incels to be "entitled" too.

Similarly, many women hate nerds and incels because of their bad experiences with their boyfriends and husbands. They project all the negative traits from their ex-partners onto actual incels. See my article "Why do women hate incels?" for proof of this. Most of the hatred against incels stem from their bad personal experiences. There is why it is difficult to change the opinions of the people who are biased against incels.

1: he married a fat asian lazy slut
2: complain about lack of intimacy

=total retarded incel
I recommend suicide for him

If your girl/wife isnt having sex with you... time to dump. This guy put up with unacceptable behavior for far to long.

Lmao knowing gynocel he would get all emotional and whine like a little bitch if something like this happened
I’m pretty sure he got his subhuman chink wife pregnant poor sad faggot

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