Man loses wife after she was introduced to social media

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I found all of this out years ago when I lost my wife to the smartphone. Personally, I have always been an alpha male enthusiast... asserting myself to rise above all that surround me in an effictive and largely noticeable manner to be able to be the guy who can approach and charm the 9's and 10's and be the envy of beta's and players who only have a sex life because they'll fuck anything that walks and still have to put in the hours and hours of social networking extravaganza.

When I met my ex-wife, she was on the low end of the social networking for sex game. Fb and purerave, mostly for friends, severely limited internet connection, very low level of beta orbiters, and non txtmessaging phone. We fell in love and were married a year later. Being an assertive and successful alpha male, I was able to provide for her, which meant nonsmartphone cell phone family plan, computer, internet, and vehicle transportation.

In the 2 and a half years we were married, we had 2 children, and she went from being a 9 to being a 6.5, after a drinking problem when her father passed away and not being able to lose the baby weight. However, with a good social life and lots of friends, her social networking dynamics increased 1000 fold. By the first year of our marriage, she was txting and on fb so much that she spent zero time with me, and any time she did spend with me I was completely ignored to the point I had to ask her to stop using it around me, and then it became her having a completely different life when I was gone to work and such to the point that I became the guy who makes her "miss out" on everything.

By the second year, I lost my phone service and family plan because she used her not unlimited phone so much that she ran the bill up to over $1,200. This was when she got started on her mothers plan and was given a smartphone with unlimited usage while I was paying out the ass for minutes on a track phone just to get to work. After that, she lost all interst in spending time with her husband that worshipped the ground she walked on because of all of the attention she got from beta orbiters, and finally picked a fight that sent her to her moms for a few days to "figure out a solution to work out our problems". What actually happened is she was tired of me making her "miss out" and the first day she was gone she ended up in another mans bed, and of coarse, it was a friend of mine.

I still loved her and wanted to work things out, but when it became clear that she was going to continue to use facebook and txting to fuck every one of my friends, (over 50, and those are only the ones I know of), it became clear that not only was my life and marriage over, but that my sweet conservative wife had in fact became the worst whore of all time.

When it comes to a single womans sex life (in her 20's) and the social networking availability she has, there is no lie that won't be told and no distance no matter how far she won't stoop to get EVERYTHING she wants and not appear as a whore. They keep it to themselves because if anyone knew the things she has said and done on those sites txting, no one would ever talk to or touch herEVER again. Because of this experience of mine, I haven't touched a girl in 7 years, (ok, I tried once, and it didn't really count, but for all of u out there who are skeptical over scandalism, I'll go ahead and post that anyways), I developed an anti-social personality, and became a hard core drug user... and its not just over the girl,its over her usage of the internet.

I think its fucked up how no other guy can compete with me, but I can't compete with the internet, and the number one rule about fighting, or competition... never fight unless you're going to win. The problem here, if anything, is far worse than we think it is, and not that "its not as bas as we think it is". I just met a girl a week ago, and my doubts and subconscious thoughts are already going down the dark tunnel, and she just friended me today on fb... wish me luck anyways, God knows Ill need it.

he didn't left on time sucker :walk:
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

This guy claims to be alpha yet looks like he got a wife from a poor country? had two kids with her she got fat/lazy yet this self proclaimed alpha still kept her around even as she fucked his friends?

redpill = this guy never was alpha, i mean... he posts on rooshV LOL!

Brimstone wrote:This guy claims to be alpha yet looks like he got a wife from a poor country? had two kids with her she got fat/lazy yet this self proclaimed alpha still kept her around even as she fucked his friends?

redpill = this guy never was alpha, i mean... he posts on rooshV LOL!

any retard today in the web considers himself an Alpha macho male
but as it is obvious the reality is different, they do not realize this not even when they collide head-on

Unfortunately I have the opposite problem, my penis is 9" long and women often feel uncomfortable during sex with me because it's so massive. They rarely stay with me for more than a few weeks because they find it so hard to walk after sex. I never get cheated on though because my dong stretches them out so much that it's just not even stimulating for them to be with anyone else.
One time I was dating this super christian girl who had never gotten a good dicking and she was all like "oh tyron, you're so smart and you penis is really 9 inches, how have you been single for so long!" and I just said "giggidy" and made her orgasm multiple times. She told me that she wasn't going to be a christian anymore because sex with an atheist was against her religion. She was much happier even after she broke up with me, because even though she was really sore, she no longer had some phony sky lord keeping her thoughts in the metaphorical gutter and was able to excel in school and become a really great chef.

Ya you gotta watch that shit. Especially when you get a blissfully ignorant foreign village girl waifu. I know a buddy who actually has girl mail order ho locked down to the point where she can't even start a small business while shes busy not having a job or internet.

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