Offer your friend zone crush $200 for sex

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Why do you think so many girls on the Internet are willing to have sex on camera? It's the money. They're getting paid.

But do it when you're alone with her, in private. If it's out in public, she'll be too embarrassed.

Promise you won't tell anyone, and tell her it will be quick. In the heat of the moment, she might conclude that it's an easy way to make $200.

The next time you see her, she may regret it and refuse to talk to you, but, dude, you scored!

Kind of legit post.

I know of an "it" girl who is popular has 3000 facebook friends, dated and had kids with a Chad and made bank as a dancer- pretty untouchable right?

Nope for £200 you can fuck her, but caveat, you cannot be a Facebook friend or friend in general. If you are a fat, old man with £200 who doesn't know her she will drop her knickers.

I am too high inhibition to try this now (I'm in the 35 year old plus sex offender age bracket), but if I were younger I'd offer more girls sex for cash.

in the web only a minor percentage of sluts will accept money for sex with strangers
anyways these sluts are fucked mentally, base their life in money, they comes from ghettos and are really dangerous
they can steal you,stab you,kill you , plead false rape accusations etc
you can enter into lot of problems if you met personally these sluts

if no one here believe me, start to ask the sluts in tinder in POF, badooo, instagram,facebook etc, once you mention you want sex for money, 97 % of them will get offended will not reply you anymore

works better the younger you are. Like in middle school (and i learned of this too late :( ) girls were putting out for like 30 dollars nigga. 50 for a virginity it was crazy. In your twenties you gotta pay like 500 for a used up bitch assuming you aren't attractive at all yourself.

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