Would you grope an obnoxious fat girl?

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This fat girl is coming up to me all the time, smiling, trying to be my friend.

I admit I sort of led her on because I was feeling lonely.

And I was thinking if I wanted to I could probably reach down and grab her pussy while she's standing there next to me. It's self-defense, isn't it? Because she's the one coming at me.

Before online dating, before nightclubs went bankrupt with 80% (and more) closing since 2004- there used to be a nightclub game called "tit cricket".

This was a lost art when men would approach women and the two would actually have to speak starting off as strangers.
No "street haressment" or any any other of that bullshit that adds to the white population decreasing and plunging birth and fertility rates.

In tit cricket you would incrementally get more daring making each interaction more sexual than the last. The "cricket" part game from being caught out where the woman would buckle and end the interaction.

Fastforward, fat women knew their place in 1998-2004 and would allow you to grope, snog, finger her cunt through the "letterbox" (gap between her jeans and knickers) on the dancefloor.

Ofc feminism, lack of due course, demonising of white sexuality, online dating put an end to this "haressment".

So nightclubs closed.

rather be alone
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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