I keep touching this girl that works at this ice cream shop

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There is a young girl who works there, I'd say around 18. She is tall and attractive. I go there a few times every month, and for the last year or so I would always kind of touch her hand as she handed me the ice cream, every single time. The last few times though I didn't touch her - these were the first times I didn't touch her, because I thought maybe she didn't like it.

Just today though, that attractive girl was working in the back, and there was someone else at the cash register. Then when I came in, that attractive girl stepped up to cash register #2 and looked at me and said "Can I help who's next?". But there was actually another person in front of me who was off to the side looking at something so that person went to cash register #2 and I went to cash register #1. I told the person at cash register #1 I wanted ice cream, and that attractive girl said "I'll get it". So this time when that attractive girl handed me the ice cream I cupped her hand really obviously.

What do you guys think - does she like me? Or next time I walk in the store is the manager going to say I am no longer welcome due to sexually harassing the employees?

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