PUA can't work on calculating females. Only hormonal ones.

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

Women who specifically state "no baldies or shorties" are conscientiously uninclined to let hormones of attraction be produced in their perception process. Do you think any amount of personality, swag, etc. can over turn that? no. PUA is pointless.

Personality and swag can be fully accessed through friendships.
Relationships are different. Women want the men best suited for a relationship. And there's certain things like genetics, child management, money/ status that can only be accessed through the avenue of relationship.
Company vs suitor value.

Only dumbass girls who aren't thinking ahead (and will probably lose their looks fucking a fat nigger and burning out from one night stand spamming) will be uncalculating and unrefined. That's why PUA won't work.
Low primitive females will put their life-structure ahead of fun most of the time. It's rumored women are way more calculating and foreplanning than even men. It would make sense with all the girls you see getting angry at low status and wanting office jobs to upscale. They're even more status and power obsessed than men. So again, how the fuck is PUA going to work.

Even the hormonal girls may not be swayed by unconscious conflicts that may make them want you. A lot of them probably have very embedded preferences that aren't in their conscious knowledge field. Women simply pick because "I want it I want it". They don't really give much thought or sympathy to a guy trying to get her attention. Life truly is that cold cut and unfair lol. There's little you can do to change it. The supplies you supply don't meet the demands of their desire. And people are pre-wired to parse you analytically to see if you have it or not. From my estimations women pick based on unchangeable/ primal superficials that give people the ominous oppressiveness vibe above other people because of the genetic/ dominarchical/ power wealth and inventory at their disposal.
Women love that kind of narcissism.

Girls are too narcissistic to just be fun-havers for long. By the age of 12 everyone knows it's a competitive world out there, and people will naturally get angry and insecure about it.
Human fun isn't about drinking and partying as it is as the validation. Women are systematizers of getting validation as much as PUA guys are. PUA guys commonly look for 8s-10s as that is the main goal of taking up the endeavor in the first place. Women are the same as well. So really, it amounts as usual to the cycle of supply and demand. Where everyone supplies but some are demanded. And demand greatens as the attractiveness goes up. It's not a bell curve.

PUA wants you to be a dudebro, and recontextualize when you meet failures to be laidback and retain confidence about it. But it will just delude you in the end.

Id say that PUA only works on sluts and club skanks (very primitive and lowIQ female homo sapiens)
which is the same thing you said but summarized in a few words

it works for transfering money to their pockets fools
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Fabie wrote:Id say that PUA only works on sluts and club skanks (very primitive and lowIQ female homo sapiens)
which is the same thing you said but summarized in a few words

Yet with a lot less depth. Just summarizing what you think is the capture of the idea.

But these women are hardly the 8s-10s who love primal capital. The primal capital I speak of is what fuels a man's narcissism; he needs to have universal value in order to fulfill narcissism.
Women and their stringent criteria of what they want is depending on a very specific list of material substance. This is way more common than the girls who PUA can work for. So essentially it's not what can fulfill any narcissistic fantasy that make men come to it in the first place.

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