just fucking kys if you squat or barbell bench

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whenever i see these gymcels squatting...

especially doing their stupid facial expressions and retarded try-hard mannerisms before a squat i go fucking psycho inside. this is why i never go to the gym between 12pm-9pm i will legit kill somebody srs ngl jfl.

i see these gymcels copers barbell benching..i cant even begin to describe how fucking stupid this exercise is. jfl youre in 2018 and still barbell benching. either dumbbell bench or weighted dip you fucking embicile

the average IQ in a gym full of gymcels is around 85 or lower ,what can you expect from them?
they are primitive, savage, stupids and selfish
you don't need to go to a gym to join the rabble to enhance your body, you can do it at home when it is necessary to look a bit more elegant

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