Black women are to Black men what Euro men are to Euro women

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white men worship their women like deities. Payback: get shat on enmase and their gender counterpart sleeps with his enemy. Could slay in gook places like Japan, Korea and China but rather wait for his imaginary white NAWALT that doesn't care if he gets thrown into a meat processer.

Black women are like mules for ugly black men. Payback: get degraded and is okay with a backup option. even interracially mixed looking BW are preferred exclusively almost. the 7+ could easily date decent looking latino, asian or euro men lol but they wait out for Tyrone who's in jail getting his homosex on or banging lying Becky who euro men would literally die to protect.

comical when u think about it
Balanced Med + Indian latinos are the goat ethnic men.
-Chronic reborn

notice both denying that their gender counterpart is betraying them enmasse lol both are mules.

They got daddy issues and they know tyrone will make their daddy maddy.

Black men seem to get away with being ugly the most. Anyways the morel of this story is never respect women it's literally a form of self genocide.

Eugeniker wrote:They got daddy issues and they know tyrone will make their daddy maddy.

yes i will make their daddy maddy

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