I sperged out in class and dropped out its so OVER

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I just started my anatomy and physiology course, this is my first lab class, the moment I walked in the shitcunt practitioner/lecturer/overseer was glaring daggers at me, I noticed the class was like 80% women and of the guys I was the ugliest, period, it's so fucking over. since I came late the seats was pretty much filled, so I had to autistically waddle to the middle of the front row and sat down next to a roastie whom I can see hates me.

And then, the shitcunt lecturer announced that we needed a pamphlet for the lab component of the course, so I didn't have it and the fucking look she gave me lol, I had to run down 3 stairs and run across the street and almost get hit by a car to fucking buy a pamphlet that is literally printed out (doesn't even come with a cover ffs) the quality is so shit it should've been provided as part of the course but nope I had to pay up $50 for this stack of paper printed out by a 5 year old.

I come back and everyone already started, I got forced into a group with a roastie, she did no work whatsoever and I had to do everything, part 1-3 of this lab I just googled everything, I was using my phone to find the answers and fucking hell the shitcunt lecturer was onto my like a fucking hawk, told me off like 4 times, one time when I was on my phone and discussing answers with my roastie partner, I accidentally went into my photo stream and fucking hell she definitely saw all my autistic selfies and their laughable morphs, Jesus fuck I was squinting and jutting like a madman.

And then we had to hook this electrode to our face and move our facial muscles and what not all while being recorded by our partner, fucking hell. This was the shittiest 15 minutes of my life, I had iPhone camera stuck right in front of my face all while doing autistic gestures, then we had to submit it to the lecturer which the shitcunt put it up on the projector, dear lord, dear buddha, in the name of allah, o'mighty Gandy, I was about to snap, the camera was absolute shite, I looked like a melon headed 12 year old, watching myself do all those autistic movements on a shitty distorted iPhone recording ooooooooooooh boy, at that moment I swear I could hear ER whisper to me from the heavens "make them pay".

So I read all the future labs we were gonna do and every single one required us to be recorded in one way or another, fuck that, I planned on just finishing up this lab and just drop out quietly, that was the plan.

I am a shut in neet, I don't go outside, I don't have friends, and for the first time in my life (yes in my entire life) paired up with a roastie, my anxiety was off the charts, my adrenaline was pumping at overdrive, my hand was literally turning blue. So anyway I was handing in my pamphlet for it to be marked and checked off, the shitcunt practitioner in a very cuntish and condescending tone, was like nope nope, wrong wrong and WRONG, yep it was all invalid, I had to stay back and redo the entire fucking writeup. That was it, that was the straw that broke the camels back, I looked at her dead in the eye, took my pamphlet and slammed it in the trash.

I am at home now, just dropped that course, fucking hell hope chem won't be like this, it is more than I can stomach, It was my first class and the roasties already hates me, The career I want is like 7:3 female to male ratio, now this is day fucking 1 and for 4 hours only and I snapped like twig, I by all might cannot fathom a life like this 9-5, everyday for 5 days a week for eternity.
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

nobody gives a fuck you ugly subhuman. kill yourself already.

I had to autistically waddle to the middle of the front row and sat down next to a roastie whom I can see hates me.

Women act cold towards ugly and short men, but it isn't necessarily because women hate them. Women act that way to dissuade ugly and short men from making a move on them.

If life was unfair to you then it is only survival-ly sensible to be overly opportunistic to even the odds. To be unfair in turn. And trust me, no crime can have justice if you're not in a position/ light to be culpable for the crime.
And there's plenty of shades/ space/ unseen regions to formulate how to make it fair successfully.

this happened
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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