how to cure depression and beat social anxiety

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for depression:
jump in an ice bath, hit the gym and inject micro dose of heroin and TRT dose of test

for social anxiety: micro dose xanax every 3 hours to ensure constant stream of GABA release. once a week stop cold turkey to reset tolerance; same goes for heroin.
during this week of abstinence it is critical to fast and meditate in an ice bath.

have a pistol by your side at all times. (open carry state)

shave your head completely.

doing this protocol exactly will ensure you are fearless and will give you the drive to accomplish anything.
i went from being NEET virgin like subhuman eugene from sluthate to making 70k a year with a good sex life like asian chad eugene from buzzfeed in a little over a year

I have been using medical cannabis canada very heavily to help deal with anxiety and depression. I love it, it is a good way to bond with my mates having a smoke and talking about random crap for hours:) It really helps with nervousness and some anxiety

I tried OPs recommendations and I’m now in bed with his mom.
Vouching for OP. Real stuff that works.

Heroin, really? I :lol: I got rid of anxiety thanks to cbd and thc cartridges for vaping, I also hit the gym and in this sense I support you. In more serious cases I highly recommend to get a professional consultation and support.

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