Quasi-Infidelity Fantasy

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Modern "dating" is often nonexclusive; it implies that both the man and the woman are free date other people until they commit into an exclusive relationship with each other.

During this "nonexclusive dating" phase, the woman will not only "date" other men in the traditional sense (i.e. the man taking the woman on dates), she might also secretly hook up with slayers with no strings attached (who she knows who will not commit).

The men that she is dating are, in a sense, getting "cheated" on by the slayers who she is secretly hooking up with. But technically it is not infidelity because she is not in an exclusive relationship.

So it's technically not infidelity. But it's something close to it. It's quasi-infidelity.

A lot of men have infidelity fantasies. These men fantasize about being the the more attractive man who cheats on another man with his wife or girlfriend.

In the nonexclusive dating stage, such quasi-infidelity happens. Slayers get to indulge this fantasy in real-life.

Another form of quasi-infidelity is when a man secretly fucks a female who has beta orbiters. The beta orbiters are getting cucked in a sense.

There are actually articles advocating this sort of quasi-infidelity.

They advocate woman to have no-strings-attached (NSA) sex with men she's genuinely attracted to while dating (having with-strings-attached sex) other men at the same time.

That said, a no strings attached relationship could be a good fit for you if: You’re in between serious relationships right now and just want to have some fun in the meantime.

https://mixxxer.com/dating/how-to-find- ... hed-fling/

Don’t squash your other options. This is an NSA [no-strings-attached] relationship, so, that means you can date other people. Actually, I recommend that you do so. Don’t feel that you have to put your dating life on hold because you’re having NSA sex. In fact, I would see an NSA relationship as a healthy pause from serious dating. So, it’s okay to take a break from the dating scene and have NSA sex, however, don’t spend too long down that road because you won’t be fulfilling your emotional needs.

https://www.lovepanky.com/flirting-flin ... es-nsa-sex

If she doesn't want to fuck on the first date, you're already a cuck.

MrCucumber wrote:If she doesn't want to fuck on the first date, you're already a cuck.

I guess you’re a huge cuck then

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