Is Jordan Peterson cashing in on our past efforts?

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

So apparently incels are famous now and there are guys like Jordan Peterson who have millions of views preaching basically exactly what we've been saying all along, with stadiums full of thousands of people listening to him, and pay $250 for a 45 minute Skype session with him. I remember creating r/incels subreddit in early 2016 (it was originally called r/truecels), bringing our SlutHate blackpills to reddit, and spamming the idea of "enforced monogamy" until it stuck and people listened. Now Jordan Peterson is using the same phrase 'enforced monogamy" and is cashing in big time. I guess it's good that he is anti-degeneracy, but I hate that a lot of his views are that of a typical conservative, he thinks communism and redistribution of wealth is a major threat, and that him and people like him are causing incels to get lumped in with conservatives/alt-right. I really hope incels doesn't turn into another white conservative douche movement. I personally have always been economically a liberal, even though I strongly oppose sexual freedom and degeneracy.

RodgerRabbit wrote:Trying to fix yourself is literally a race against the clock. It's a catch 22. By the time you've fixed all the flaws that prevented you from slaying, you will have lost the one thing most essential to slaying in the first place -- youth.
NewGenious119 wrote:This idea that nobody owes anyone anything completely goes against the entire point of even having a society in the first place. If society doesn't owe an individual person anything, then the individual owes society nothing either, so don't be surprised when they take their frustration out on the world.

There is absolutely NO GOOD reason why, in the 21st century, every person shouldn't have their basic needs met. That means food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for all and, yes, if you are a male, sexual access to attractive females as that is considered a basic need for men as well.
Leebyunghun wrote:The number one source of strife in human existence is the inequality of looks among the male species.
germanDream wrote:a woman would fuck a cute dog or horse over an average faced man ANY day of the week. its not even close. women are repulsed by non male model men
PuaKiller wrote:Most women couldn't last a month as an incel male. They'd suicide. Prostitution would be legal worldwide and virgin shaming would cease if women were put in the shoes of an incel male for even a month. They couldn't handle it.
firehaze wrote:If a girl has never made it obvious that she likes you then you're a lot more subhuman than you think.


Anti-Degeneracy crew

These forums which we established as far back as October 2009 as a free and open resource without any profit in mind. They were a way for non-low-IQ non-idiotic men to collaborate and get answers the establishment/society, and women too, were purposefully withholding the truth from us for obvious reasons.

95% of men adopt a "crabs in the bucket mentality" of white-knighting and attempting to woo women by turning against other men.

Puahate we held each others claws and helped each other out as a form of altruism, as collaboration should be.

Mainstream media is garbage and yes you are right. People like Peterson, Roosh V, heck even the media itself profits by misrepresentation of incels for profit.

But as we know you can't make any money telling the Truth. That's the endgame here. Which is why Roosh V is a shill loving his infamy and profiting from misrepresentation and censoring his forum.

There is more profit proliferating lies. Exposing a bitter truth is a scandal, people would rather turn their eyes away because it’s easier to deal with it that way.

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